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Top 47 Paint Pick Up lines

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  1. Roses are red, violets are blue

    DaVinci painted Mona, cause he couldn't find you.

  2. Hey are you an abstract painting?

    Cause I could finish you in three strokes.

  3. Hey girl, are you a DaVinci painting?

    Because i want to nail you on the wall behind my bed

  4. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but Paint is the same as Photoshop, right?

  5. Did someone forget to paint your horizon line? I can't tell where those legs end.

  6. Want me to paint you naked?

  7. I am hemophilic for you, because you paint my town red!

  8. I wanna paint you green and spank you like a disobedient avocado.

  9. Are you a painting?

    Because I want to nail you against the wall

  10. How about we go paint the town dead?

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Hey girl, are you a painting?
Because I wanna nail you in my house.

Come park in a field with me and I promise not to scuff that pretty paint job too much...

Yeah, with your bloodHey baby wanna paint the whole town red? Yeah, with your blood

Are you a painting

Ey girl are u a painting bc i wanna pin u on the wall

paint pickup line
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Girl are you a painting?

Cuz I wanna nail you on the wall behind your bed ;)

Do you like abstract expressionism paintings?
Because I’m about to turn your stomach into a Jackson Pollock

Are you a painting?

Cuz i’d pin you to my bedroom wall

I was just painting my future...

What clothes should I paint you in?

- Day 212

Are you a painting

Bc i want to stare at you 24/7

Damn girl, are you a painting?

Cuz I want to hang you from a wall.

Hey do you like Guacamole?

Cuz im gonna paint your ass green and spank you like a disobedient avocado

I don't get it?

I want to douse you in green paint and smack you like a disobedient avocado?

paint pickup line
Working Paint tinder opener

Hey girl are you a can of spray paint?

Because I wanna splatter your insides all over the wall.

For artist enthusiasts

If you were a painting you’d be a masterpiece

Hey girl do you like art?

Because I want to paint a masterpiece on your face.

Are you a painting?

Because I don't understand you

Do you like paintings?

Bcause i don't put the D in raw. I use protection. Shit's wild out here.

If you were a painting

I'd hold you up against the wall and nail you to it

Girl are you a paint brush?

Cause I wanna fine stroke you

Are you interested in Scandinavian interior design?

Because I’d love to paint your face white.

Here's a complex one

1. Paint small chair on face
2. Go to party
3. Find person
4.Walk up to them
5.say "hey seems like you're looking for a place to sit how about here (point to painted on chair)

Yes you're the cutest boo...

DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa cause he didn't have you

- Day 49

Is that a paint brush in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?