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Top 50 Superhero Pick Up lines

Flirt with your loved one or pick up that hot girl or guy at a party with these funny and cheesy superhero themed pick up lines. These pick up lines feature common super hero themes and characteristics like power, strength, flying, and more.

  1. I wanna be superhero,

    Sould i be Spiderman, Batman or Yourman?

  2. I'm Aquaman and I know how to talk to tuna.

  3. Don't worry baby, I'm only fast on my feet.

  4. My bracelets might deflects bullets but you have already pierced my heart.

  5. Hey baby! Wanna play superheroes? I'll be Superman and do you faster than a speeding bullet.

  6. I don't like to show off but...I can stretch my entire body. My ENTIRE body.

  7. I hope you like Wolverine coz i can be quite an animal.

  8. I’m no Captain Marvel but you’ll sure be yelling SHAZAM!

  9. I ain't called 'The Punisher' for nothing.

  10. Is that really you or have you shape-shifted into my dream girl?

superhero pickup line
What is a Superhero pickup line?

Working superhero pickup lines

My name is storm and I wanna blow you.

My heat vision must be malfunctioning because you’re smokin’.

Is your name Jean? Cause you've been in my mind all day.

Girl, I'd so save the human race for you.

superhero pickup line
This is a funny Superhero pickup line!

Want me to transform into the girl of your dreams.

Yes, that is a ray gun, but I'm still happy to see you!

Hey, baby... you look as good in tights as I do.

I'm from the future... I ran all the way back in time to tell you we're still in love 100 years from now.

If I said you had a beautiful cape, would you fold it against me?

On a scale of one to America, how free are you this afternoon?

I hope you don't mind heat, 'cause I've got a strong urge to get my flame on.

Have you ever considered being wonder woman for halloween?

superhero pickup line
Working Superhero tinder opener

Well, let's go back to your place and you wont have to WONDER anymore.

My magic lasso command people to do anything , now submission to me.

I can get you as wet as the ocean.

Do you wanna know why I am called Power Man?

Are you Hawkeye? Because you're a hot guy.

Hey baby, wanna know why they called me Elongated Man before I drank Gingold?

Is your name Misty? 'Cuz you look hella good in the rain.

Girl, you must have magnetic powers cause I'm really attracted to you.

The longest arrow I have, isn't in my quiver.

Hey girl, when I'm not out saving the city, I'm saving room for you in my heart.

Where will you be all of my life? I should probably explain that I'm from the future.