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Top 50 Spiderman Pick Up lines

Does your girl or guy love the Spiderman series? Use these Spiderman pick up lines to help you flirt with them. Flirt with spiderman theme related ideas such as spider sense, spider web, and more!

  1. I wanna be superhero,

    Sould i be Spiderman, Batman or Yourman?

  2. If a spider's bite can make you a spiderman, would you bite me just to let me be your man?

  3. Make my "Spidey Sense" tingle, baby!

  4. Wanna do it on the ceiling?

  5. Why drive when we can swing?

  6. Hey girl do you have a place for my peter to

  7. My spidey senses tell me you're going to fall for me harder than Gwen Stacy.

  8. I can take you back to my place baby but be quiet my Aunt May will be downstairs watching Jeopardy.

  9. Girl, you're like a New York City skyscraper: I wanna shoot my sticky white stuff all over you.

  10. I want to love you the way Peter Parker love Gwen Stacy.

spiderman pickup line
What is a Spiderman pickup line?

Working spiderman pickup lines

I plan on firing off all my web fluid by the time this night is over. Care to dance?

Spiderman just came up to me in Times Square and told me I dropped something - his phone number.

My spidey sense isn't the only thing tingling. (Spiderman)

You can get caught in my web any day.

spiderman pickup line
This is a funny Spiderman pickup line!

Every spider man needs a Mary jane, can you be my Mary jane?

Girl, I can use my web swinger to pull a train, think about what I could do in bed.

Typical Parker luck, until the night I met you.

Most women say I’m quite Amazing, Spectacular and Sensational in bed.

No man can win every battle, but no man should fall without a struggle. And babe I am falling for you.

I have a lot of experience catching women who’ve been thrown off their feet, feel free to fall.

Girl, you are making my web slinger dry.

My spidey senses aren't the only thing that's tingling...

spiderman pickup line
Working Spiderman tinder opener

I'll spin you a web right to my bed.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, in your bed.

Every Spider-man needs that special Spider-Woman if you know what I mean?

We save as many as we can to make up for the ones we couldn't. That's all we do. And babe I will save you from this club tonight.

Once I spray my web on you, girl you will be swinging from places to places.

Women usually say I'm Amazing, Spectacular and Sensational in bed.

I can wrap you up in my web anytime you want.

You must be some badass girl, ‘cause you’ve got my Spidey senses tingling south.

I want to make a spider woman out of you and make you mine.

I promise you there’s nothing itsy bitsy under this Spidey suit

Who want to play with my web slinger?