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Top 24 File Pick Up lines

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  1. You're like a 300 dpi file, I'm willing to wait for you.

  2. I'd like to export your file right to my bed.

  3. Are you a compressed file...

    Cause I'd love to unzip you... xD

  4. Hey, Baby, wanna unzip my files?

  5. Are you a compressed file?

    Because I’d love to unzip you.

  6. If you were a computer file...

    You'd be an exe-CUTE-able

  7. Hey do you work for the TSA?

    Because I have several bombs in my bag and if you tell anyone or file a report I will kill you because I have a trained sniper on your head. So it’s best you keep quiet if you want to live. Oh and also, I must be working for the tsa because I have to stop you right there cuz you’re the bomb.

  8. So, you file for unemployment here often?

  9. What do you call...

    What do you call a group of people, arranged in single file, collecting trash off the ground?

    A pick-up line.

  10. Girl you're like a compressed file...

    Cause I would like to unzip you

    - day 38

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Funny file pickup lines

So do you file electronically around here often?

What if I told you the fly on my legs opens quicker than a 500kb JPEG file?

Hey boy, did you see the season finale of Suits? Well I know a nice file room where we can reenact it.

Can you file a workplace safety incident report? I just fell for you.

There’s nothing like a little file maintenance to keep you on your toes.

Just relax while we unzip your files.

Let me tell you somethin: if you're filing with me? You're definitely filing a…'10-40.'

I hope you're an ISO file, because I'd like to mount you.

Need me to unzip your files?

We can make beautiful .wav files together.

Lady, you make my pants file for an extension.

Girl, are you a tax accountant? Cus you make file for an extension

After filing today, I learned I have quite a strong flexible spending account. Are you flexible?

Are your pants a compressed file? Because I'd love to unzip them!