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Top 16 Path Pick Up lines

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  1. Our love is like a recombining binomial; even if we go our own path we'll always find our way back together.

  2. Can you give me directions?

    Sorry, I got lost in your eyes on the path to your heart.

  3. Like a quantum computation, our paths are entangled.

  4. Are you a path integral in the complex plane?

    Because I want you to surround my pole and create residue

  5. Hey, you can call me Kaguya otsutsuki

    Coz i can show you all the six paths!

    Naruto pickup lines.

  6. The path of picking up ladies and superficiality

    "How many of these things have you sold?" said me uncle. He used to work in Coal-MINING. We gave him the benefit of the doubt when we called him our uncle, but we think he's really not one of us. Tables are turning, minds are churning, pornography is destroying our uncles, our this, our that.

    These days it's all about MUSCLE. Cash flowing from the WALLET. Superficial and maniacal, that's why we fantasize.

    PORNOGRAPHY has contributed to the EPITOMY OF BAD, called the internet. It's been extremely bad for all of the children and me uncle was the first to called it out in the late 90s.

    Guys, if you're on this path for real, comment "Yes, I'm gonna do this".


  7. Is your Path difference 2λ?

    Cause you brighten up my day every time we interact.

  8. If you can find a path with no obstacles,it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

  9. With you, my path is always clear.

  10. Hey babe, which ever path you want to take, we are going to the end.

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Funny path pickup lines

Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace. (Linus)

I couldn’t help but notice your eye path went right to my smudge stick.

Making you smile is my path of service.

Some people call them sprinkles. Some call them jimmies. I call them OBSTACLES on the path from me to you!

I could hard fork as well as soft fork however you please, all you have to do is to split for me. And we could make copies of ourselves down the path.

Baby ill show you ALL 6 paths! (Naruto)