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Top 27 Item Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Item pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Item conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Are you the new item on the McDonald's menu? The McNificent?

  2. Hey, this doesn’t have a date on it, could I get one from you? (This only works in a grocery store if you find an item that doesn’t have a date on it)

  3. Girl, you are my rare special item

  4. It seems you are the last item i need for this set collection.

  5. I'm a Sorcerer, you're a summoner. Together we are one magic item.

  6. If you were an item in the auction house, i would stay up the whole two days and make sure nobody outbids me.

  7. Girl, what item do I need to give in order to mount you?

  8. Are you a self-checkout machine?

    Because there's about to be a unknown item in your bagging area

  9. My love for you will get through any item filter.

  10. Are you an item on the McDonald’s menu

    Cause you’re a McHottie

item pickup line
What is a Item pickup line?

Working item pickup lines

*Checking out at a store*
If I didn't have these items would you still check me out?

If you were an item on the McDonald’s menu you would be a McHottie.

Are you sold out at the grocery store?

Because you're a non-perishable item

Need one for a Sylvia

SuicideDroid use pickup line!
But it had no affect on Sylvia!

->Fight PkMn
Item Run

PS- Thanks in advance lol hope yall enjoyed the pkm reference

item pickup line
This is a funny Item pickup line!

Are you a item?

Because I would put you in my cart

At a McDonalds, "if you were a McDonald's menu item---
---You'd be the McGorgeous"

Are you a self service checkout?

Because I want to put my unexpected item in your bagging area

Are you a wall socket?

Because I want to use you in a number of applications that require a power source.

*Custom pick-up lines by Sloopy*

^Leave ^your ^suggestions ^for ^my ^next ^item ^below ^in ^the ^form ^of:

> Are you a ***your suggestion***?

You are my love, you are my heart/ And we will never ever ever be apart/ Are we an item? Girl, quit playing/ We're just friends, what are you saying?

Like Mario, I get super powers from ordinary items, want to see how I could make you feel amazing?

I would give anything to be your personal item.

I don't care *how* many items you've got, baby, I could check you out all day long!

item pickup line
Working Item tinder opener

Take me home tonight, and I guarantee you'll see an extraordinary item.

Let's recreate that orgasmic finishing like the Bullet Bill item.

I love you more than non-perishable food items.