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Top 50 Chocolate Pick Up lines

Flirt and impress with the best chocolate pick up lines. Use dirty chocolate pick up lines for him or for her. Impress your loved ones with the various kinds of chocolates. Be the sweetest and cutest couple with the best pick up lines with chocolate.

  1. You can call me Charlie…

    Cuz I wanna own your chocolate factory.

  2. You like chocolates?

    Cuz I can give it to you the Milky Way

  3. We’re like hot chocolate and marshmallows. You’re hot, and I want to be on top of you.

  4. Hey there, I bought you some fair trade, organic, vegan chocolate.

  5. Were I to impregnate you, in several years the child will purchase you flowers and chocolates. Deal?

  6. You can be my chocolate bunny. I’ll start by nibbling on your ears and save the rest for last.

  7. Sweet Marie, the moment I saw you, I knew I would Skor and have you screaming 'Oh Henry' by the end of the night!

  8. Roses are red, chocolate is brown,

    Never gonna give u up, never gonna let u down

  9. Is your name chocolate, bc you make my seratonin levels rise and give me a sense of pleasure.

  10. I hate chocolates but I love you.

chocolate pickup line
What is a Chocolate pickup line?

Working chocolate pickup lines

You’re like my favourite chocolate bar - half sweet and half nuts!

I'm sorry I didn't get you chocolates for Valentine's Day, but if you want something sweet I'm right here.

Are you sun?

Because everytime I see you, my heart melts like ice cream or chocolate

I was going to get you a box of chocolates, but you already have a sweeter box.

chocolate pickup line
This is a funny Chocolate pickup line!

Do you know a bakery around? Because I would like to purchase a sweet like you.

I used to hate sweets but I came to love those because of you.

I don’t know about you but sharing this bar with you feels absolutely right.

You make my heart melt faster than hot chocolate.

Babe can I get a cookie that tastes like you?

Lick my fingers like you could not get enough of me like you do to your sweets.

I promise I’ll make you forget all the bad things this day brought by being your stash if sweet.

Hey can you accompany me? Because I am returning this cake cause I realize you’re enough.

chocolate pickup line
Working Chocolate tinder opener

I do not need anything special because you are enough special in my life.

Does your dad own a chocolate factory? Because you are as sweet as chocolate.

Whenever I look at you I see something more desirable than chocolate.

You have this certain snap that made me notice you just like how I know a good bar from bad.

You have this effect on me I only feel upon eating chocolate.

Babe, I don't think there's anything hotter than chocolate, until I met you.

You are the kind of sweet I am not willing to share.

Are you a box of chocolate? Because I want to take your top off and gobble you up.

Baby I can never get enough of your sweetness like I can never get enough of chocolate.

Are you a chocolate bunny, because I want to nibble on your ears first than eat you full.

I do not think it is possible but you are sweeter than all the chocolate in the world.