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  1. Hey girl, you are like earth.

    Some people might say you're flat, but deep down we all know you have amazing curves.

  2. Are you a minecraft fence?

    Because I can't get over you


  3. You have amazing features..

    Can i be in the next update?

  4. Hello, eh. Girl your soft brown eyes remind me of the amazing beaver, eh.

  5. Are you from the Jurassic period cause jur kiss is amazing.

  6. On the off chance that you think my camel is amazing, hold up until you see my snake.

  7. Excuse me, is your name Grace? Because you are so amazing.

  8. Gal, you are amazingly gorgeous... can i get a pic of you climbing?

  9. I can do amazing things with an ice cube.

  10. I may be in the Fantastic Four, but we could be in an Amazing 69.

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Your stick skills are amazing. I bet you know all the tricks.

You smell nice, why are you married?

Said this to a girl once, now she's married to me instead and we have 2 amazing girls.

You're so amazing that I always use the partitive genitive when I talk about you.

Is your name Zidane? because your head is amazing.

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Your eyes are amazing, do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

If I told you that you had an amazing body
Would you hold it against me?

I'm gonna sing my ABC's to ya

I'll give you an A because your amazing, a B because your beautiful, a C because your caring, and I'll give you this D because you deserve it.

Do you use ray tracing?

Because you look amazing *and* realistic!

I can do amazing things to your tongue.

Wow, you look amazing today. Did you change anything?

How about my relationship status?

Is your favorite color nothing?

Because I am sure that would look amazing on you.

Girl, you look amazing from this distance.

amazing pickup line
Working Amazing tinder opener

Hey girl, Wanna see something amazing?

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Your shirt looks amazing...

...but it would look better on my floor.

I'm an amazing chef

Give my eggs and milk and ill give you such a sausage that it will fill your tummy for 9 months

Y'know, all the stars in the sky cant sum up the amount of words there are to describe how much of an amazing person you are.


But the "Y" is silent

4 letters to represent you:

A for Amazing
B for Beautiful
C for Caring
What about the D?
Oh, I’ll give you the D later

Is your name Ronaldinho? Because your ball control is amazing.

Girl you must be an ocean

Because motorboating you seems like it would be amazing

Man if you were mine...

It wouldn’t matter how much I going fishing, because I would never catch anything as amazing as you.

Im not an amazing blackjack player

But ill double down on you

Girl, you look amazing with those masks and gloves.