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27 Breathtaking Pick Up lines

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  1. I like my women like I like my Covid

    19, Chinese, breathtaking, and spreads easily

  2. Girl are you CORONAVIRUS??

    Cause you are breathtaking!!

  3. Hey I think you’re making my asthma act up...

    Because you’re absolutely breathtaking!!!

  4. You remind me of COVID...

    19, breathtaking, and easily spreadable

  5. I may have to make a fortitude save against suffocation, because you're absolutely breathtaking.

  6. You must have built the Eiffel Tower, because your appeal is breathtaking!"

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Hey girl, do you have the corona virus?

Cause you look breathtaking!

Are you covid-19?

Because you're breathtaking

Are u tryna suffocate me to death?

Coz ur beauty is breathtaking

Hey girl, are you a noose?

Because you're breathtaking

breathtaking pickup line
Smooth Breathtaking pickup line

What do you, coronavirus and the police all have in common?

You’re breathtaking ;)

You're sabotaging my O2 levels because you are breathtaking.

Is your name 'Asthama'?

Coz you're truely breathtaking

Cheesy breathtaking Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Hey girl, are you a policeman?

Cause you are breathtaking

Are you the corona virus?

Because youre breathtaking

Are you Keanu Reeves?
Coz you're breathtaking!

Are you my asthma inhaler?

Because you’re breathtaking.

Are you Keanu Reeves?

Cause you are breathtaking!

Are you a Coronavirus?

Because you are breathtaking

breathtaking pickup line
Working Breathtaking tinder opener

Hey girl, are you the Holocaust?

Cause you're Breathtaking

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Try using funny and charming Breathtaking conversation starters, sweet messages, love texts and comebacks for sticky moments in Tinder and chat.

Hey, I agree with Keanu Reaves

You indeed are breathtaking!

Stars from twitter must have gone to your eyes cuz their breathtaking!

Are you Keanu Reeves or a a fart?

Either way, you are breathtaking

Are you the thing keanu reeves is pointing at,

Because you're breathtaking!!

(sorry if anyone's used this before, i came up with it on my own.)

Your beauty has me hooked; it's as breathtaking as the sight of a lobster under the moonlight.

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