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  1. Girl, you're more rare than spinning a Jackpot.

  2. Why aren't you in the periodic table? Maybe because you are a rare element in my life.

  3. Someone told me I'm a rare Mexican Flower.

  4. You are as rare as finding a watermelon without pits.

  5. Are you a RARE CANDY? 'cuz I feel a level-up.

  6. I love a good piece of rare meat and you are looking pretty succulent.

  7. I have a rare disease that will kill me unless I have sex within the next 30 minutes.

  8. I trade rare metals, and you look like the rarest one of them all.

  9. Are you a Mew? Because your beauty is rare!

  10. Girl u so rare

    Not even the pokedex knows you

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Are you a rare steak?
Because I’d eat you even if you were bleeding

Are you a rare steak?

Because i’ll eat you even if you’re bleeding

Are you an rare stake?

Because I would still eat you, if you're bleeding.

Opening line that is working for me in that "no info" situation on Tinder.

I've always had a tough time with starting a conversation when the profile match is a single picture with no profile info whatsoever-- there's just nothing to go on, nothing to connect to or make a joke about. Whatever I've come up with in the past, I've rarely gotten a reply in that "no info" situation, and I always just sit there befuddled about what to say.

Last week I matched with a smoking hot girl and just couldn't think of anything to say so I let it linger all day... finally that night I decided on something simple but waited to contact her the next morning. At 7:30am I wrote her a message: "Good Morning, Alex. I hope you have a lovely day." By 10:30 she had messaged back "Thanks! You too!" and the conversation started rolling. We went out that weekend and had a blast and have another date set for next weekend. I tried the approach with a new match this morning and it worked again... It seems that waiting to start conversation the morning after a match is made with something simple and friendly, (and that being the first thing they see when they open the app for the day) seems to be working like a charm (so far.) Just wanted to share this with anyone struggling with how to get a conversation rolling.

Are you a rare steak

Cuz I’d still eat you if you were bleeding

Before I saw you, I was in despair...

I don't have a pickup line but girls like you are pretty rare and I know if you're by my side, we'll make it anywhere

- Day 68

Hey girl, are you a rare steak?
Because I’d eat you if you were bleeding

Are you a rare steak?

Because I would eat you even if you were bleeding

Are you an earth magnet ?

Because you’re rare and extremely attractive.

Idk If it’s been used but I just thought about it.

3 Steps to talking to that cute guy or girl.

{{Step 1: Find a face that you are attracted to. }}
This helps to keep the conversation going. If you are interested and enthusiastic, the more likely they are to show interest in you, too. If you're not at least superficially connected to the person at first, it will be more difficult (but not impossible) to establish a connection.
{{Step 2: Go up to them and smile at their eyes.}}
Yes, actually look into their eyes and smile. Then start with a, "Hi how's it going?" while actually caring about how they are doing. At this stage, it's normal if the person looks surprised, because we're rarely confronted by smiling strangers who want to get to know us, right?
{{Step 3: Be curious}}
Ask open-ended questions and build on it. Use the situation to your advantage. Ask questions about what books they're looking for, what they do, but most importantly, ask about their personal experiences. Be interested in knowing their experiences.

Are you a steak

Because finding someone as pretty as you is kinda rare.

Are you the date?

Because you’re a 10/10

Only works on October 10 making it rare.

Hey are you a Lapidary?

Because you look like a rare gem I want to collect.

(A lapidary is someone who looks for gemstones and stuff like that)

Are you a rare steak...

Cause I'd still eat ya, if you were bloody

Are you a RARE CANDY? Because I feel a level-up.

My burger was great, but YOU are rare and well-done at the same time.

Want to see my rare limited edition Lego collection?

Scientists have recently discovered a rare new element called Beautium. It looks like you are made of it.

I just scored a rare sampling of imported olive oils; wanna come back to my place for a tasting?

You are as rare as a purple RPG from a chest.

I have a rare disease that will kill me unless I have sex within the next 30 minutes. Don't let me die!

Are you Knabstrupper? Because you are a rare beauty.

Your beauty is as rare as a Venus eclipse.