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Top 50 Lucky Pick Up lines

Want a bunch of funny and cheesy pick up lines to use at a bar or a club? Lucky can help you land that hot girl or guy. These pick up lines are funny and flirty. They can be used when you have nothing to say, or when you have seen that perfect person. So start clicking and start copying & pasting these pick up lines now!

  1. My lucky number is 14

    Because I’m the one for you

  2. Did you have lucky charms for breakfast?

    Because you're looking magically delicious.

  3. Are you a four-leafed clover? Cuz I think I'm getting lucky tonight.

  4. Normally only 6 planets can be seen with the naked eye. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Earth.

    But if I were lucky, you'd let me see Uranus.

  5. Did you order some Felix Felicis? Cause you’re about to get lucky!

  6. Can I see your lucky charms?, because you look magically delicious tonight.

  7. I'm lucky all the time.

  8. I really envy the coffee cup that’s lucky enough to kiss your lips every morning.

  9. Hey baby, I'm just like Baron Rivendare. Suave, sexy, sophisticated, and if you're lucky, I might just drop your pants.

  10. Getting lucky usually means finding my car in the parking lot, but tonight you can change that.

lucky pickup line
What is a Lucky pickup line?

Working lucky pickup lines

It's your lucky night. My semen is worth millions.

Would you like to be the lucky guy who gets my real number? Give me your phone.

If you're lucky, you'll get to see The Little One.

Lucky: Here we go. C. H. L. O. E. Finish. Oh yeah.

lucky pickup line
This is a funny Lucky pickup line!

Every guy has his own favorite pair of boxers. If your lucky enough maybe I'll show you mine.

I have a lucky pole.

If we open a case together what are my chances of getting lucky?

Do you think if we opened a case together, I'd get lucky?

If you were a cereal, you’d be Lucky Charms because you’re magically delicious!

Getting lucky usually means getting parking space at a busy mall, but tonight you can change that.

Girl you look like a hippopotamus.

Lucky for you, I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Doctors are recommending you stay inside.

Lucky for us, you can't spell quarantine without U and I.

lucky pickup line
Working Lucky tinder opener

If I was a chess board...

I'd be lucky to have a queen like you.

To the girl not wearing a costume: Lucky, you don’t need Halloween baby. You look like an angel every day.

You must be after me Lucky Charms!

Babe, if you are lucky tonight you might see the Goliath.

Damn girl you R2 fine and you're lucky I'll give you the D2.

Damn girl! have you been eating Lucky Charms?(why?) because you`re looking magically delicious!

Do you feel lucky tonight? Maybe it's time to go for a wood shot.

I have a lucky pole and I'll let you use it.

I'm entering the lottery to your heart

Mind giving me the lucky numbers?

Are you a charm

Because I think you could be my lucky one

Sorry I'm new to this but any advice would help

Are you a four leaf clover?

Cause I think I'm gonna get lucky with you tonight