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Top 50 Tight Pick Up lines

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  1. Our bond is so tight i just might tap.

  2. Are you a tight set cause I just wanna get the tip in.

  3. Hey, baby... you look as good in tights as I do.

  4. I've got quick hands, a fast horse, and strong arms that can hold you tight all night long.

  5. You ever made it with a guy in tights?

  6. My spandex aren't the only thing that's tight.

  7. Hey, are those running tights you have on reflective..? Because I can see myself in your pants.

  8. Your kerning looks tight. Can we open that up a bit?

  9. Is your leotard tight?

  10. Damn girl, good thing you don't have that new iPhone, because those jeans are tight.

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What is a Tight pickup line?

Funny tight pickup lines

Ey girl.. Your racket looks tight, want me to loosen it?

I also prefer my ribosomes bound tight.

It's a good thing I'm wearing these compression tights...

Do you play football?

Because you got a tight end.

Hey baby let’s play football

I’ll be the quarterback and you be the tight-end.

Roses are red, snow is white...

Can you give me your number, cause that body's tight

Are you an electric current passing through tightly coiled metal wire?
Because dang boi you're pretty attractive

That’s quite a tight end you’ve got there sweetheart. Wink!

Those are skin tight!

How do you get in those pants?

You must be a door handle

Because I'm holding onto you tightly.

Your eyes are like spanners

Every time you look at me my nuts go tight

You ever been with a man that has Parkinson's? You won't need to do a thing. Just hold on tight and I'll do the rest.

My god, those pants are skin tight!

How do you get into them?

We should play football.

I’ll turn your tight end into a wide receiver.

I'm jealous of the blue jeans that you're wearing,

And the way they're holding you so tight.

Hey girl, are you a tight parking space?

Because I'm gonna have a hard time pulling outta you ;)

Is your daddy a spandex salesman? ... Because you're TIGHT!

Gosh those are tight knickers, how does one go about getting into them?

Just because a guy wears tights and pointy slippers doesn't mean 

You look like a tight set to me, I might want to loosen you up a bit, want to see me do that?

Looking good in those tight spandex.

Girl you must be the donut that I have been looking for, my pants are getting tight.

I want you wrapped around me more tightly than my purple shirt.

Lookin' good, plenty tight. Tell me, is there any more room for me in those jeans? (In Those Jeans)

That spandex is so tight! How do you get into it?