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Top 23 Sticky Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth Sticky chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. Hey baby are you a slimeball? Cause you make my piston sticky.

  2. Let me be your restriction endonuclease and I'll give you sticky ends.

  3. Naked DNA with sticky ends seeks kanamycin-resistant plasmid. EcoR1 sites preferred.

  4. Girl, you're like a New York City skyscraper: I wanna shoot my sticky white stuff all over you.

  5. Are you a slimeball? Cause you make my piston sticky If you were ore, I'd mine you all night long!

  6. I'm no Dentist...

    But I wouldn't mind drilling and filling your mouth with sticky white stuff

  7. Are you a slime ball?

    Because you make my piston sticky 🥴

  8. Are you a candy?

    In a hot car cuz I’ll make you sticky

  9. Are you ice-cream?

    Cause i want to keep licking you till im all sticky

  10. Hey girl, you like minecraft??

    Cause you make my piston sticky

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Funny sticky pickup lines

Are you a slimeball?
Because you're making my piston sticky

Hey girl are you the Vietnamese countryside

Because I want to spill a hot sticky load on you

I like my pussy like I like my weed

Hairy and sticky

It's kind of a gamer moment

Are you a redstone torch because you activate my sticky piston

Are you a crafting table?

Because you make my piston sticky.

Hey, you’re so sticky!

Wanna make some sticky rice?

Are you a redstone torch? Because you're activating my sticky piston

Speaking of pistons are you a slime ball cause you're making my piston sticky.

We fit together like the sticky ends of recombinant DNA.

Do you wanna LICKILICKY my icky sticky.

Are you a slimeball? Cause you make my piston sticky

Ain't nothing sticky about those buns – they look nice and smooth.