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Top 50 Small Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Small pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Small tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. I’m like a jolly rancher

    Small. Sweet. And fun to suck on.

  2. Are you the small, mountainous country of Andorra?

    Because you’re beautiful and not enough people know about you.

  3. Hey baby, would you like to step into my box? It know it looks small, but it's MASSIVE on the inside!

  4. I don't rate the iPhone. The touchscreen buttons are too small. But you know what they say about guys with big fingers.

  5. I have a small winky, but a big bank account.

  6. Hey, baby, check my longitudinal series of small knobby prominences!

  7. It is a good thing my eyes are so small because you're the only thing I see, and it's beautiful.

  8. Have you ever dreamed of a small loan of a million dollars?

  9. Yeah this is me. Tries to make small talk, ends up explaining gender studies.

  10. I know when you've been bad or good so let's skip the small talk, sister!

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What is a Small pickup line?

Working small pickup lines

You’re just like my pinkie toe...
Small, cute, and I’m gonna kiss u up against my coffee table later

Girl, you must be Neil Armstrong, because that's one small step for man, one giant leap for my heart.

Small batches?

I totally don’t believe that…

Girl, you remind me of my toes.

Cute, small, and will probably kiss you on every piece of furniture.

small pickup line
This is a funny Small pickup line!

They say some men drive really expensive cars to compensate for a small penis... Did I mention that I drive a 1978 Ford Pinto?

Babe, this mechanic will surely satisfy you. Because we are amazing to deal with small spots under the hood.

I suck at plumbing, I always make woman's small leak into big squirt.

Necalli: Just a small bite… Far too me…meager to stop me.

I am just a small rock before I met you. Your love has made me bigger and boulder.

Have you ever stolen something, no matter how large or small? Besides my heart?

Are you an archeologist? Because I have a small bone that needs examining.

I'm not trying to erupt with this small island here. But my boxers are packing some punch.

small pickup line
Working Small tinder opener

I have a small penis, but a big bank account.

I have a small penis. It used to be called The Little Mermaid.

I know my * looks small in this form, but there is more than meets the eye once you come in for a ride.

What do elves, drow, dwarfs, halflings, humans, dragonborn, tieflings, orcs, goblins and small woodland creatures have in common? They can all vouch for me.

I'm sorry, I can't do small talk

Can I do you instead ?

I'm so mad crushin' your man-girl, skinny femme-boy with long-bangs, faint mustache and small boobs look.

I am loving your body, because good things don't come in small packages.

I have a small pp, god isn't fair...

You are so fine. i wanna floss with your pubic hair..

Are you my small toe/ pinky of my foot?

Because I feel like I could kiss you against every piece of furniture.

Whats small, rough, and painful to put in your ass? Sandpaper

Madam: So said who? The man with the very small bank account balance?