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Top 12 Loose Pick Up lines

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  1. I must be a loose flyer, because I’m falling for you!

  2. Girl are you a magnet?

    Coz you're so attractive and like a compass, you make me loose direction

  3. Damn girl, is there a criminal on the loose?

    Cause I'm tryna cuff that.

  4. Hey Girl are you a loose shoelace

    Because I wanna tie you up

  5. Hey how loose are you?

    Would it be like throwing a hot dog down a hall way?

  6. Not my faut that my dicks out here getting loose, gotta blame it on the boobs. (Juice)

  7. Mardi Gras, baby. Time when all manner of weird shit cuts loose and parties down?

  8. They call me Derek Jeter because I got loose hips and I'm good at stroking balls away

  9. They say that hate has been sent so let loose the talk of love. Before they outlaw the kiss, baby, give me one last hug.

  10. Let's go home, put on kimonos, and hang loose.

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I heard there is a vampire on the loose you better stay with me tonight.

Girl, are you trying to loose some weight? How about some protein style.