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Top 22 Acquaintance Pick Up lines

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  1. Goodness and virtue are your near acquaintances

  2. Look like we've got a long wait here in the check out line, so why don't we get acquainted.

  3. Ahhh, high school. Remember the time we made out in the parking lot in 15 minutes from right now? (High School Acquaintance)

  4. Did we go to high school together, or do you look familiar because I'm already in love with you? (High School Acquaintance)

  5. Did you have Mrs. O'Brien for 8th grade English class? No? Me neither! We have so much in common. (High School Acquaintance)

  6. Hello. I am not the girl put bologna in her pants on the bus in middle school. (High School Acquaintance)

  7. Hey cutie, your next drink's on me. I've saved a lot of money because I'm still on my parents' phone plan. (High School Acquaintance)

  8. Hey! I think you owe me a beer. Technically, you owe me a pile of soggy cheese fries from sophomore year, but I'll take a beer. (High School Acquaintance)

  9. High school was hell… and you were the hottest thing there. (High School Acquaintance)

  10. High school yearbooks kind of remind me of wedding albums. I'm not married. (High School Acquaintance)

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I can't believe I haven't seen you in 8 years. You don't look a day over 15. Wait, is that creepy? (High School Acquaintance)

I don't have a yacht, but I have over 100 Twitter followers. (High School Acquaintance)

I have a 401K now. That's a type of blood condition, right? (High School Acquaintance)

I've been to jail so much less than everyone else we went to school with. (High School Acquaintance)

If I'd have known I'd see you here, I'd have been sitting on this bar stool since my 21st birthday. (High School Acquaintance)

It's a shame sexting wasn't a thing when we were in high school. (High School Acquaintance)

It's so funny that you were this hot cheerleader/football player and I was a bumbling nerd because now WILL YOU MARRY ME? (High School Acquaintance)

Just because I haven't seen you in 10 years doesn't mean I haven't thought of you every day. (High School Acquaintance)

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, you walked into this one, according to your Foursquare account, which I have been stalking ever since I got home. (High School Acquaintance)

Remember when you winked at me in Chemistry class when you had iodine in your eye? I've never forgotten that. (High School Acquaintance)

Wanna be my high school sweetheart? (High School Acquaintance)

You're like a turkey in the oven all day. Just getting hotter and hotter. (High School Acquaintance)