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  1. Is your name 'wifi'?

    Because I'm feeling a connection.

  2. This place must have good Wi-Fi

    Because I am definitely feeling a connection

  3. Are you my corpus callosum? Because I feel a connection between the two of us.

  4. Your beard might not connect, but we can.

  5. Yo girl, let me get the 10 significant digits that will connect me to you.

  6. I feel like we really connect...

  7. This revolutionary connection we have should be discussed without fear or favour, it should not be a taboo topic.

  8. Hey, is this your final destination? Cuz I can really see us...Making a connection.

  9. I think we need a brick separator, because I feel a strong connection.

  10. Let my technic pin connect with your technic brick.

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Funny connect pickup lines

Is your name Wi-Fi? Cause I'm really feeling a connection here.

I have a connection to make, but first I want to connect with you.

Are we 3rd connections on LinkedIn? I think we should get a little closer.

Are you a Wi-Fi signal?

Because I'm feeling this connection.

Do you like cats?

Cuz I'm feline a connection ;)

Who wants to make a connection?

Is there a network here ?
‏cuz I feel strong connection

Hey are you an eletrical circuit

Bc Im feelin a connection

I think we have a connection stronger than our wifi.

You must be wifi

Because I'm feeling a connection

Are you my wifi?

Cuz I feel a connection!

What do you and my internet have in common?

A connection

Hey girl are you a Dino?

Connection terminated. I'm sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name, But I'm afraid you've been misinformed. You are not here to receive a gift, nor have you been called here by the individual you assume, although, you have indeed been called. You have all been called here, into a labyrinth of sounds and smells, misdirection and misfortune. A labyrinth with no exit, a maze with no prize. You don't even realize that you are trapped. Your lust for blood has driven you in endless circles, chasing the cries of children in some unseen chamber, always seeming so near, yet somehow out of reach, but you will never find them. None of you will. This is where your story ends. And to you, my brave volunteer, who somehow found this job listing not intended for you, although there was a way out planned for you, I have a feeling that's not what you want. I have a feeling that you are right where you want to be. I am remaining as well. I am nearby. This place will not be remembered, and the memory of everything that started this can finally begin to fade away. As the agony of every tragedy should. And to you monsters trapped in the corridors, be still and give up your spirits. They don't belong to you. For most of you, I believe there is peace and perhaps more waiting for you after the smoke clears. Although, for one of you, the darkest pit of Hell has opened to swallow you whole, so don't keep the devil waiting, old friend. My daughter, if you can hear me, I knew you would return as well. It's in your nature to protect the innocent. I'm sorry that on that day, the day you were shut out and left to die, no one was there to lift you up into their arms the way you lifted others into yours, and then, what became of you. I should have known you wouldn't be content to disappear, not my daughter. I couldn't save you then, so let me save you now. It's time to rest - for you, and for those you have carried in your arms. This ends for all of us. End communication.

Do you have a connection to the speed force

Because you've been running in my mind all day

Hey girl,If i were Obama.

Are u the sandy hook school shooting?
Cause i am really feeling a connection.

Are you a wifi network

Because I feel like we're connected

Would you like to connect to my heart wifi?

Are you an 30 Inch Smart Slide-in Gas Range with 6 Sealed, Burners, Griddle, Double Ovens, Convection, Delay Bake, Self-Cleaning Mode, ADA Compliant, Electronic Ignition, Star K Certified, Convection Mode, Connects With Amazon Alexa, Connects with Google Assistant in Stainless Steel?

Because you’re really hot and smart

Hey girl do you want to make a fragile human connection in the vast and unfeeling infinity of a chaotic universe?

Are you DNA template?

Because I would like to connect you to my ribosome

When we sit on the toilet at the same time, we create a long tube that connects your mouth to mine

We could also skip the tube and make a direct connection.

In a plane

Hey girl have so see a Wi-Fi because I feel a strong connection between you and me

Is your name WiFi?

Because I feel a connection.

Are you wifi?

Because I’m feeling a connection

3 Steps to talking to that cute guy or girl.

{{Step 1: Find a face that you are attracted to. }}
This helps to keep the conversation going. If you are interested and enthusiastic, the more likely they are to show interest in you, too. If you're not at least superficially connected to the person at first, it will be more difficult (but not impossible) to establish a connection.
{{Step 2: Go up to them and smile at their eyes.}}
Yes, actually look into their eyes and smile. Then start with a, "Hi how's it going?" while actually caring about how they are doing. At this stage, it's normal if the person looks surprised, because we're rarely confronted by smiling strangers who want to get to know us, right?
{{Step 3: Be curious}}
Ask open-ended questions and build on it. Use the situation to your advantage. Ask questions about what books they're looking for, what they do, but most importantly, ask about their personal experiences. Be interested in knowing their experiences.