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Top 50 Donuts Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you a donut

    Cause your all sugar and curves

  2. Is your name Dunkin? Because I Donut want to spend another day without you.

  3. I like my men like I like my donuts. Hot 'n holy!

  4. Are you a plain donut?

    Because I'd like you with nothing on!

  5. Do you like Krispy Kreme? Cause I wanna glaze your donut.

  6. Hey Beautiful, are you a donut?

    Cause you're all curves and sugar baby

  7. Are you a donut

    Cuz I’m gonna glaze you

  8. Hey girl

    Are you a donut because you're all curves and sugar baby

  9. Hey baby, let's get coffee and vegan donuts.

  10. Hey, are you a donut?

    Because I want to put my dick in your hole

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Funny donuts pickup lines

Could you do me a favor? Could you get on your knees and smile like a donut?

Are you a donut? (Two variations)

1. 'Cuz I've got just the munchkin to fill your hole.
2. 'Cuz you're great already, but you'd be even better with a cream filling.

There is no donut without u

Get it?

Are you a cop?

'Cuz I wouldn't mind dunkin' my krispy kreme on your donuts.

Are you a donut? I am ready to glaze you inside and out.

Are you dunkin? Because I donut want to spend another day without you.

Babe are you a donut? I want to take you out and eat you in my car.

Babe you are finger licking good like this donut.

Babe you are like a donut, I thought I was on a diet but I don't care anymore.

Babe, I am ready to put some jam in your donut.

Babe, my eyes are glazed all over you.

Baby I love you like I love donuts.

Baby you are the jelly on my donut.

Be my donut, and I will fill your holes.

Do you know whats good in bed? Donut and sex.

Do you prefer donut or just nuts? I have both at my place.

Do you want to get donut or do you want to be the donut?

Donut and coffee for an amazing date?

Donut take this the wrong way, I just wanna sprinkle you with with sugar and spice.

Donut you know how much I want you?

Girl I am ready to sprinkle some magical love on you.

Girl you are a donut, and I could eat donuts all night long.

Girl you must be the donut that I have been looking for, my pants are getting tight.

Girl, I am a donut without you, you make me whole.

Girl, you donut know how much I want you.