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Top 17 Length Pick Up lines

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  1. Neutrinos might have the mass, but I've got the length.

  2. I'm a T-Rex, and let's just say that the length I lack in my arms is made up for somewhere else ...

  3. The only thing that matters is the length of the runway not the size of the airport.

  4. My beard is the same length as Abraham Lincoln's was on his 7th birthday.

  5. Unlike ordinary Visa, a Visa to my heart will have a limitless length of stay.

  6. It's not the length of the vector that matters, it's its magnitude.

  7. I just got nominated for nobel prize

    I created a new measurement unit,
    Like length is measured in meter,
    And liquid in liter,
    Cuteness would be measured in you (her name)

  8. Roses are red, poetry really isn’t my strength

    But I’d argue that love is, as mine for you has no length

  9. Sorry, but I couldn't help but noticing how cute you look in that ankle-length, shapeless, plaid jumper.

  10. You know.. it's not the length of the vector that counts... it's how you apply the force

Working length pickup lines

My bond length might be short, but it can still give you some "electron density" 

Hey baby, how about you keep me at arm's length? (T-rex)

Wanna see what length I can win by?

It's not the length of the caucus that counts... it's what you do with it.

I use my rod of infinite length for more than just simplifying calculations...

it's not the length of the vector that counts, it's how you apply the force.