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Top 20 Grand Pick Up lines

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  1. Oh, I apologize for staring. I thought that was the grand canyon.

  2. Can we find the counter-point motion on my (your) Grand Staff?

  3. Hey baby, how do you like my Grand Staff?

  4. I have a much better grand finale planned for you, I'll even buy you breakfast.

  5. Are you sure you aren't all 4 majors, because you are a grand slam.

  6. Are you sure you aren't all four majors? Because you would be a grand slam!

  7. Is your name Ariana? Cause that ass is grande.

  8. I have a grand strategy for you: do you prefer a top-down or bottom-up approach?

  9. Hey baby, wanna get together and make our own Grand Unified Theory?

  10. You can call me the Colorado River..

    Because I wanna carve your Grand Canyon.

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Funny grand pickup lines

Are you competing in the Monaco Grand Prix?

Because your body is driving me crazy.

Are you Arizona?

Because I have the sudden urge to visit your grand canyon.

Are you comfortable with a Grand Staff?

Because you'll need two hands for this one.

Oh my god.

Ariana Grande wasn’t lying when she said God is a Woman.

I spent over a grand on Viagra today, only to come here and see you and find out that I don't need it after all.

You and Me = Grand Unification

The grand jury in my pants is waiting to try you.

I'll let you drive my Jeep Grand Cherokees. (Connecticut)

Would you like me to braid your hair before grand entry?

That's a nice grand staff you have.