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Top 33 Leaf Pick Up lines

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  1. I have more than a four leaf clover.

  2. Are you a four-leafed clover? Cuz I think I'm getting lucky tonight.

  3. I wear this leaf blower so I can blow you 270 mph kisses.

  4. Why don't we go there and grab a leaf to bite?

  5. I'm a Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf... but you Baby can call me Hokage.

  6. Are you a Nissan ?

    Cause I'll never leaf you.

  7. Hey, are you a tree?

    Because I can’t leaf without you

  8. Didn’t I blow you earlier in the day, or was that a radiant leaf pile at sunrise? (Leaf Blower)

  9. Do you like men who take grooming seriously? (Leaf Blower)

  10. Does it frighten you that I control the winds, like a god? (Leaf Blower)

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Excuse me, is this pine cone bothering you? Do you need me to blow it straight to hell? (Leaf Blower)

Here, let me blow that eyelash out of your eye, at point blank range. (Leaf Blower)

How about we head back to my place and see if we can’t void this leaf blower’s warranty? (Leaf Blower)

I can remove a woman’s bra with a shredder vac. Just sayin’. (Leaf Blower)

I don’t need to give you my number. Just follow the noise pollution. (Leaf Blower)

I have a four-stroke engine. What’s your blowing capacity? (Leaf Blower)

I have access to an entire shed full of landscaping gizmos. Have you ever seen a telescoping garden hoe? (Leaf Blower)

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t wear this during sex, but I do leave it idling in the corner, for the carbon monoxide buzz. (Leaf Blower)

I wear this leaf blower so I can blow you 270 mph kisses. (Leaf Blower)

Did you use an Yggdrasil leaf? Because you have given me life.

Sure, it’s bad for the environment, but what’s the point of saving the planet if we’re apart? (Leaf Blower)

There’s a leaf in your hair. Let me destroy it. (Leaf Blower)

These hearing protection muffs remind me of my time in the studio with Aerosmith. (Leaf Blower)

What? You have a boyfriend? I certainly hope he isn’t engulfed by a dust cloud. (Leaf Blower)

With great power comes great responsibility. That is why I choose not to Marilyn Monroe your skirt. I’m a gentleman. (Leaf Blower)

Work it. Work that twigless sidewalk. (Leaf Blower)

You look beautiful on the leafless lawn that I created using power tools. (Leaf Blower)

We're like a 4-Leaf clover. You're the C and I'm the R, and there's love in between us.

I think God took the pigment out of a leaf and put it in your eyes.

Want to come back to my place and smoke a little Longbottom leaf?

Ah, I love this one jasmine tea where they hand-tie each leaf into a little butterfly. Guess you could say I’m into bondage.

I am a leaf on the wind... in bed

My other leaf blower is a hovercraft. (Leaf Blower)