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  1. Hi crush, would you be my main quest?

  2. Life’s a theme park,

    But you’re the main attraction.

  3. My Cobra stance isn’t the main thing that is rising upward.

  4. You can call me "The Fireman"....

    Mainly because I turn the hoes on!

  5. For a girl named Pearl?

    Mainly want it to be wholesome :)

  6. You must be Iceland’s main road,

    cuz I want to put a Ring on you.

  7. Yeet sign based and mainly for people already in a relationship but can be modified for otherwise

    This is very much for memes but it works

    So say you are on a date with your bf or gf at the movie theatre. He goes to grab a piece of popcorn from the popcorn pile and you put your hand in and do the yeet sign (if you dont know it's this sign ) and if the boy says 'did you just get me?' Or anything of the sort just say 'I thought I already got you'

    If its for a pickup line you could say 'I'd love to get you tonight' or something.

  8. Hey girl are you serotonin?

    Cause your my main contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.

  9. Are you a Junkrat main?

    Cause you know how to make my heart go boom!

  10. Here is one

    R u the main character in doom cause I want you to shove your shotgun in my mouth and fire

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Funny main pickup lines

Hey girl, are you a Isabella main? I would love to do you doggie style.

Hey girl, you a Fox main? Because your straight up shining.

I mainly date guys who recycle

I feel like you need to know that, if our relationship goes any further than this dance, can't take you to the temple...mainly because you're smokin!

They call me the hound. Wanna be my main bitch?

Let me be the 'throws Exception’ to your 'public static void main (String[] args)’. I will accept whatever you give me.

My main method is 'public love iLoveYou().'

You are my lobster. (Maine)

Are you from Maine? Because you are the main one in my heart. (Maine)

"I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, skype you … aur agar tumne phir bhi jawaab nahi diya na … I’ll poke you" – Varun Dhawan from Main Tera Hero

"Kya aap believe karte hai love at first sight mein ... yah main dobaara ghoom ke aao?" – Saif Ali Khan from Cocktail

"Main tumhari aankhon mein apni mohabbat ka ikraar dekhna chahta hoon." – Dilip Kumar from Mughal-e-Azam

"Soocho, soocho...aur soochne ke liye main tumhe apni saari zindagi deta hoon" – Saif Ali Khan from Kal Ho Naa Ho

Aag joh dil mein lagi hai, usse duniya mein laga doonga main ... joh teri doli uthi, zamaane ko jalaa doonga main – Ajay Devgn from Diljale

I love you, girlfriend ban ja meri, tu aur main rock kar denge! - Ranbir Kapoor from Rockstar

Main tujhe bahut bahut bahut love karoonga aur tujhse dher sara love loonga ... bol degi love? - Ranveer Singh from Band Baaja Baaraat

Soocho, soocho...aur soochne ke liye main tumhe apni saari zindagi deta hoon – Kal Ho Naa Ho

Are you a Greatsword main? 'Cause you time your hits just right.

Hey baby, do you main the hammer? Then let's go back to my place, I promise I'll let you smash the head.

I'm a Charge Axe main, baby. I might be new at this, but I'll make you burst all over.

I'm a Hammer main, baby- nobody pounds it better than me.

I'm a Hunting Horn main- you're about to get buffs you'll never forget.

I'm a Lance main, baby- I'll hit all your weak spots, no matter how deep.

I'm an HBG main, baby- I'll do it faster than everybody else.

I'm an SnS main- cause it ain't the size of the ship in the sea, baby, but the motion of the ocean behind it.