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Top 50 Avatar Pick Up lines

Do you love the movie Avatar or simply just love the concept of bending elements? Use these Avatar pick up lines to help you flirt with your loved ones or complete strangers! Show your true love and discover the true love with another person. These Avatar pick up lines will do the trick for you!

  1. Im Aang, wanna be my Katara?

  2. Are you the Dai Li because you’ve captured my heart.

  3. Will you go penguin sledding with me?

  4. Are you a Blood bender? Because I can’t seem to control myself when I’m around you.

  5. You're hot.

    You're a fire bender?

  6. Are you a Water bender? Because you’re making me really wet.

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What is a Avatar pickup line?

Working short avatar pickup lines to impress a girl

So it looks like I'm going to be in town for a while. I'm thinking maybe we could ... do an activity together?

Are you a blood bender because blood rushes to my south pole every time I look at you.

Rocks aren't the only things I can get rough with.

Hey babe, I’m a traveling hippie group. Mind if i go through your secret tunnel?

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This is a funny Avatar pickup line!

Are you Princess Azula? Because a cherry pit won't be the only thing you'll choke on tonight.

Hey girl. Maybe later I can show you my body bending.

Wanna take a ride on my flying bison?

avatar Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Girl, you must be a blood bender, cuz your making my blood go to certain places.

Are you a lava bender because you melt my heart.

Call me Azula because I’m crazy for you.

Are you an Air bender? Because you and your friends all look pretty dead to me.

Baby, you better quit your job at the White Lotus. You're about to be deflowered.

Are you an earth bender? Because you make me rock hard.

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Working Avatar tinder opener

If I were to choose a bending power I would the ability to "bend" your heart!

avatar Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

You don't need a bloodbender to make me rise.

You must be a fire bender, because sparks fly when we touch.

I'll let you play with my hair if you let me play with yours.

Hey you want to see what my Arrow is pointing at?

Are you a Fire bender? Because you are smoking hot.

You must be a moon spirit because I could look at you all night.

Are you the avatar? Because you just activated a portal in my South Pole.

You must be a firebender cause the way you move is so hot.

I'm pretty good at blood bending.

Hey baby, are you a bloodbender? Cause you’ve got control of my heart.

Girl, you must be a blood bender, cuz my heart just skipped a beat.

Did you remove my bending? Because a part of me is not bending anymore.

avatar Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

Your airbending is so great, it blew my clothes off.

Is it just me, or are you bloodbending what I think you're bloodbending?

Are you an Airbender? You take the wind right out of me.

Are you Wai s**... Tong because I’d like to search your secret library.

Are you a brand new Airbender? I’ll teach you the way around my glider staff.

You're Katara and I'm Aang. You went years without me but then I finally came out of that iceberg.

Are you a spirit or just out of this world?

I hear airbenders are good at blowing.

Are you a waterbender? Because you made me soaking wet.

Are you a firebender? Cause you’re making me hot.

I'm a chi blocker do you want me to hit all the right spots?

Are you a firebender? Cause you light the flame in my soul.

You’re a master Airbender, aren’t you? I can’t be the only one who wants to see what that arrow of yours leads to...

You're so beautiful when you hate the world.

Only thing you're gonna bend is over.

Are you the avatar?

Because daang— your beauty blew me away ;)

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