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Top 16 Crown Pick Up lines

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  1. How about I give you a golden crown dear?

  2. Ladies, you want a crown? I got a mouth full of them so hop on my face.

  3. Would you like to compare our treasure? Because my crown jewels would look great in yerr teasure chest.

  4. Making you mine would be my second crowning achievement.

  5. One day I'll look back at all of my crowning memories...

    I'll think of the day I got a girlfriend, the day I kissed, and the day I met you.


    \- Day 98

  6. Damn girl, you're so fine..

    That I would stick my dick so far up your ass, whoever would pull it out would be crowned King Arthur.

  7. Never once had to pay for margarine after letting them use our crown in that commercial.

  8. Hey girl are you a stone?

    Cause I wanna bury my sword so deep in you whoever pulls it out will be crowned king arthur

  9. Hey, I'm the prince. Want to see my crown jewels? Let's head back to my palace and have a royal rumble.

  10. My mother says...

    There's no punchline here, just walk up to a chick at a bar and open the conversation by saying,

    "My mother says I'm hung like a horse".

    It's topical because of all the triple crown talk.

Funny crown pickup lines

Looks Like I Found Myself A Gem.
I’m definitely gonna try for that legendary Crown Of Wonder.

Those eyes. That smile. That body. You're a Triple Crown winner.

Are you a fire extinguisher? Because I want to dance and break into the crown jewels with you.

Are you a traitor to the crown? Because I can definitely see you giving head to my pike.

Castle me and I'll crown you.