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Top 23 Brick Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth Brick chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work as best Tinder openers.

  1. I'm looking to lay more than brick tonight.

  2. I think we need a brick separator, because I feel a strong connection.

  3. Let my technic pin connect with your technic brick.

  4. Oh yeah, she wants the brick.

  5. Are you a massive brick wall?

    Because I'd shit down the government to have you

  6. You: Would you rather eat 100 pounds of bricks or a matter baby?

    Someone: What's a matter baby?

    You: Nothing, sweetie. How about you?

  7. What's 8 inches and can ruin your a day?

    A brick

  8. Hi are you a brick

    Cause I want to eat you

  9. Hey girl are your legs the yellow brick road?

    Because I want to take them to your emerald city

  10. Are you a brick block from super mario?

    Cause my head would leave you in pieces.

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Funny brick pickup lines

Even your bed is shaped like a handcrafted brick oven?

Show me.

Babe, want some bricks?

Baby I don't know how it is possible, my made my bricks harder than before.

Bricks, not dicks.

Girl, want to test my brick inside your Miniland?

It's time to lay more than brick tonight.

Let magic happen when my technic pin connect with your technic brick.

Why don't you and I come together like stacked, single studded Lego bricks.

Are you a brick block? Because I can Ground Pound you all night long.

Babe, that's not Lego bricks you are touching.

I think we need a brick separator, because I cannot Lego.

I'm a brick house, sexy. I'm mighty, mighty; letting it all hang out.

Shall I compare thee to a brick outhouse?