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Top 29 Vote Pick Up lines

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  1. In school I was voted most likely to meet the woman of my dreams Hi.

  2. Yours is the only weiner I’d vote for...

  3. I just voted, now who wants get drunk and see my electoral college?

  4. Is that a split vote in your pocket...

  5. If going out with you was a referendum, I’d vote yes.

  6. Hey babe, could you give my voting lever a little pull?

  7. Could I see your birth certificate before you vote? Because you must have been born in Gorgeousville.

  8. Woah baby, you got my vote!

  9. Room for one more ... in that voting booth?

  10. I just want you to know that having sex with me is like voting in Canada's 2019 elections,

    Cause those 30 seconds are going to change your life

Funny vote pickup lines

You've got my vote baby.

Your voting booth or mine?

I hope I can count on your vote for my erection campaign.

The Koch brothers bet me a million dollars! couldn’t strike up a conversation with the most beautiful girl here. Wanna buy some votes with their money? (Ted Cruz)

Vote me off anytime, because I would die for you.

The Republican presidential debate is going to be like a singles bar full of unattractive men trying to get you drunk enough to vote for them

Girl, I voted you into my heart at first sight.

I may not be Bruce Springsteen, but I can still Rock your Vote! (Chris Christie)

Drunk women are disgusting. By the way, I am going to win the drunk woman vote. (Donald Trump)

You don’t need 270 electoral votes

To win my heart

When she says voting is sexy...

And her nickname is Dottie.
DAAMN girl are you a ballot? Because I'm about to slam you on a desk and I won't stop till all of your dots are filled.

Are you a reddit Guy/Gal?

Cuz you got voted to my front page.

I'm not trying to hit on you. I'm selling you a product, and that product is me. Guaranteed best on the market, voted #1 in satisfaction, and will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.

Congratulations! My friends and I have voted you the hottest guy around! And your prize is …a date with me!

The 15th Amendment gives the right to vote to anyone with a penis…I'll loan you mine.

Now you don't need a penis to vote…but you can still borrow mine.

I think we should go out. Do I get a vote? (Puerto Rico)