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Top 50 Gonna Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Gonna pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. I'm gonna sue spotify

    For not including you in the hottest singles of the week list.

  2. Are you a Minecraft wolf?

    Cuz I’m gonna tame you with my bone

  3. Damn gurl are you my pinky toe?

    Cause I’m gonna bang you on all my furniture!

  4. I'm gonna have to go get a silk touch picaxe

    Because I want you just the way you are

  5. I am not even gonna try to sugarcoat it, I just want to suck some titties.

    On second thoughts I am okay sugar coating them too.

  6. Sunflowers aren’t red, violets aren’t either

    I’m gonna chop you up and put you in a freezer

  7. Hey girl are you a queen?

    Cause the chessboard ain't the only place you gonna get into any position tonight.

  8. Are you a Golden pickaxe?

    Cause I’m gonna use you then throw you away

  9. You look like thanksgiving Dinner

    Delicious, and when I’m done with you I’m gonna eat you for breakfast too. 🤤

  10. Have you got a good memory?

    Because I'm gonna take a *megabyte* out of your ass

gonna pickup line
What is a Gonna pickup line?

Funny gonna pickup lines

*looks at girls p*ssy*,
You gonna eat that?

S'cuse me miss! Im gonna have to cite you for aggressive cuteness.

If convicted you could receive 5-10 solid dates.

Add olio to the end of their name because like polio, they make your knees week

I.e "my nickname for you is gonna be nicolio- because much like polio, you're making my knees week"

Knock knock! Who's there? Howie.

Howie who? Howie gonna hide this affair from your husband?

gonna pickup line
This is a funny Gonna pickup line!

Are you a glass ketchup bottle?

Because I’m gonna bang you for a while at the kitchen table.

Are you ever gonna give me a cue to breathe, or shall I just follow your direction?

Do you like Daleks? 'Cause I'm gonna exterminate that sorrow off your face.

I would have bought u a pair of pants for your birthday but I didn't see the point since they are gonna come off anyway.

Have you got salt? because i think we're gonna need protection.

You're like the advocate general, you always give your opinion whether we're gonna listen or not.

So, when are you gonna let me go down to Bikini Bottom?

Hey girl, just call me Joshua and you can be Jericho. Because you're gonna fall for me.

gonna pickup line
Working Gonna tinder opener

Do you like jalapeños? 'Cause I'm gonna be jalapeño pussy.

Babe, your womb's *definitely* gonna remember this.

Hey girl, we just met, but I think we're gonna really take off.

Ay girl, I am gonna explore your dungeon.

Girl I'm gonna treat you like cranberry sauce and ignore you for 11 months after tonight...

Are you Helen? Because I don't think a Trojan is gonna get between us.

Hey baby, you wanna check into my asylum, cus baby, its gonna be an insane trip...

I'm gonna call you Odysseus, because you're about to meet a one-eyed monster.

I'm gonna Barrack your world.

My velocity isn't the only thing that's gonna make you sweat tonight.

I have it on good authority that you and me are gonna be hearing the Angels singing tonight