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Top 38 Halo Pick Up lines

Are you a fan of the Halo video series? Get your girl or guy’s attention with these Halo pick up lines. Use these Halo pick up lines to flirt and impress. These Halo pick up lines feature common themes, weapons, vehicles, and characters. Feel free to copy and use the best pickup lines with Halo now.

  1. I have your weapon right here baby.

  2. One team is red the other is blue my favorite team is the one that had you!

  3. Can I detach your turret?

  4. Let me play with you beam sword.

  5. Are we playin capture the flag, cuz id love to take you back to my base.

  6. Every day I think of you I smile and my motion sensor picks up Sparks Fly.

  7. I feel like a plasma grenade, because I'm stuck to you babe.

  8. I'm a pro with my sniper. Come here and I'll let you try.

  9. Would you like to pilot my pillar of autumn?

  10. I’m like a plasma nade. Lemme get on that and you are guaranteed to explode.

halo pickup line
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Working halo pickup lines

Let's play reach I'll be noble six and I'll drop the package in your pillar of autumn.

I just shot you with the DMR, now you have to say yes.

Should I enter your base from the front, or the rear?

I got mad plasma in my Action Sack.

halo pickup line
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You may think you love Avalanche, but you haven’t experienced a real mancannon until you have ridden mine.

May I board your banchee?

Dang girl are you Cortana cuz you're always in my head.

Forget about the flag. My current objective is capturing your heart.

I'll camp with my sniper in your basement, if you know what I mean.

Wanna take a ride on the Zanzibar?

Did you shoot me with a plasma pistol? cause I was stunned when I saw you.

Hey baby, will you ride the Mongoose with me?

halo pickup line
Working Halo tinder opener

Excuse me bonita seniorita you dropped your halo.

Ill be your Master Chief if you be my Cortana.

I think there's something wrong with my active-camo, because when I see you, everyone else disappears.

If I press double X I can pick up weapons, does that mean you too?

Girl are you a pelican? Cause you sure carry a lot of men if you know what I mean.

You're so hot, the only red I see with promethean vision is you.

Hey, I just lost my navigator would like to me Cortana?

You’ve go something on you head. (what?) A halo.

Are you in the on deck circle, or is that halo?

Are you a planet? Because I can see your Halo

Is it bright out here, or is that just your halo?