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Top 50 Naruto Pick Up lines

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  1. They don’t call me Nine-Tails for nothing.

  2. Hey, wanna help me rebuild my clan?

  3. Girl I may not have byakugan but I can still see that you are a dime.

  4. If I were to meet temari I would say did u just use a wind attack? Because it completely blew me away!

  5. I'll open your eight gates.

  6. Are you sasuke? cus you're coming home with me tonight.

  7. Hey baby, wanna drink from the fountain of youth?

  8. Be my vessel, I want to be inside you.

  9. They don’t call me The Golden Flash for nothing.

  10. Dang girl are you an uchiha because you're the last of your kind.

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Girl you can't handle my one tailed Jinchuriki.

I’m an emotionless bastard who served as a replacement for an emo bastard.

Want to have some Ramen at my place?

I'm so entranced by those eyes, I think I'll take them.

Girl I must have Sharingan because I see a future in us.

Are you using sexy jutsu? or do you always look that good?

Are you a ninja? Cuz I'm a master of the Wood Style, baby. I'll train you all night long.

Girl, looks like you mastered your sexy no jutsu.

I’m one of the seven swordsmen, wanna be my sheath?

My Samehada has never been this excited.

I don’t use my fingers only for thousand years of pain.

I don’t have tongues coming out of my hand for not hing you know.

You’re a pain, but I need to continue my lineage for the next generation, so what’re you waiting for?

If you need any help just call my name and I will use flying raijinshu jutsu to you.

Trust me babe, just like art, dating me is a KATSU!

Wanna see MY expansion jutsu?

I could show you a special kind of mokuton jutsu in private if you’d like.

By the way, Naruto, I'm a man.

Did you use genjutsu on me ? Because I'm stunned when I looked at you.

Ay girl wanna see my sharindong?

Your eyes are deceiving that I'm stuck under your Genjutsu.

You wanna ride my wood...cause we can go as far as you like.

Nothing goes straight to the heart faster than a chidori.

I don't only use the fingers to do the 1000 Years of Pain. If you know what I mean.

Are you an Uchiha because there's nobody else in the world like you because they're all dead.