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50 Lighting Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you a broken traffic light?

    Cause you keep giving mixed signals

  2. Are you a firefly?

    Cause you light up my sky

  3. Are you a light?

    Cuz you brighten my day

  4. Are u lighting?

    Cuz I'm tryna make u mcqueen

  5. Hey girl, are you a broken light bulb?

    Cause I wanna take you out

  6. I can finally cut my electric bill!

    Your smile will light up every room.

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I want to infiltrate your thalmor castle with my Altmer, with light armor of course.

Let's turn off the lights so I can show you some lightning.

I want to go to the gym,

so I can walk up to a lady on the treadmill lean in close and whisper tread lightly!

Baby, you're the light in my corona.

If you refuse my request, I think you better tread lightly.

Girl are you lighting? because I wanna make you McQueen

Baby you light up the court like nobody else, the way that you serve that ball got me overwhelmed.

Cheesy lighting Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Are you an arsonist

Cuz you light up every room you walk into

You're like a bright light and I'm like a bug, because I'm so darn attracted to you.

Are you from the sun clan? Cuz you light up my world!

Baby, come and light my sacred fire.

Since you are kind of hideous, and electricity isn't Green, let's turn these lights off, baby.

The color palate of your face is really great in this lighting.

Stop lighting me up like a TNT, I'm gonna explode!

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You light up my world like Apollo.

Y'all might not be the purtiest gal here,

but we can change that with the flip of a light switch.

Wanna watch the northern lights tonight?

A flash light isnt the only thing ill be turning on tonight.

I promise I'm not faster than the speed of light.

Hey girl, are you a bright light source?

Cuz once I look at you, I see you everywhere everytime I close my eyes.

You must be an electrician because

You light up my day

(This a transformers related one)

Are you the matrix of leadership ? Cuz every time you say hi, you light up my darkest hour.

Are you a torch? Cause you're lighting up my world.

I dont think i need lights anymore

Because you brighten up my world.

Is that your light cannon or are you just happy to see me?

When the captain turns off the seat belt light feel free to roam about my cabin.

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Sounds the War of 1812 ? I’ll light your White House on fire...

Puppies are as cute as the speed of light is fast, but your cuteness threshold approaches that limit.

Let's make sweet love in the backseat of my car by the light of the blinking left turn indicator.

My phone is Light

*>Goes up to a lady and holds out my phone to her "Would you mind holding this for a second?"*
\>Lady takes the phone for a moment
\>A*sks "Does my phone feel light to you"*

\>Lady responds "I guess?"
\>T*akes the phone back "I knew it it's been feeling light all day, and I just can't figure out out"*
\>O*pens up the contacts list and browses through it, when a sudden look of shock is on my face "I figured it out!"*
\>Lady goes "What?"

*>Says as I hold the phone out to her again "It's missing your number"*

Would you like to try a little light toilettage? It can be... cleansing...

Hey girl, are you a light switch?
Because I want to fumble around in the dark until I turn you on.

Are you the speed of light?

Because as I approach you, time slows down.

You light up my world like nobody else (Iron Man)

Are you a Bud Light Lime?

Cause you look like a guilty pleasure.

One day, an Autobot shall rise from my pants, and use the power of my matrix to light your darkest area.

You are the Renaissance to my Dark Ages,

you light up my world.

If you were a jack-o'-lantern sweetheart, I'd totally light your candle.

I may not be the best looking guy

But, beauty is just a light switch away

Call me the Yellow Eye Demon but I would nail you to the ceiling and light a fire.

Babe, I promise I am not faster than the speed of light.

I don't need to summon thunder to light you up! (Thor)

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