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  1. Line: I'm sorry, but do I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar.
    You: Yeah, I met you at the family reunion last summer.

  2. Excuse me sir you look familiar. Are you a famous basketball player?

  3. You look familiar. Have we had sex before? "No" Well, we should.

  4. Are you familiar with computer science?

    Cause you sure turn my software into hardware

  5. Corny one. You look familiar, did we have class together?

    Because I could have sworn we had chemistry

  6. You look so familiar!

    I swear I've seen you before. OH that's right! In my piggie bank. Cause you a Dime.

    Not mine.
    Credit to Emmanual from Wild'n'out

  7. I'm not familiar with the term "throwing it back".

    Maybe you could show me how to do it.

  8. You look so familiar, I think we've met in my dream...

    It must be the clothes confusing me, mind taking them of so I can cream

    - Day 65

  9. You are familiar from somewhere

    We have met in our dreams

  10. You've heard f Chaos Theory?

    Strange attractors? I refuse to believe that you aren't familiar with the concept of attraction.

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You look very familiar... don't we have a class together?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have chemistry

You look familiar. Did I read about you in shir hashirim?

Hey girl, are you familiar with Fordyce's sermons?

You smell so familiar.

You look familiar.

You look so familiar… didn't we take a class together? I could've sworn we had chemistry.

You look familiar, have we had sex before?

Hey, what's your name? [Insert Name:] Hmmm, that sounds familiar... I think it was in my Patriarchal Blessing!

Did we go to high school together, or do you look familiar because I'm already in love with you? (High School Acquaintance)

You look familiar. What's your Twitter handle? I think I follow you.

Hey girl, are you familiar with Buddha's teaching?

You look familiar. Have we met before?

I'm familiar with Latex and restraints

You look familiar, have I probed you before?

Let's get familiar with each other's body of work.

You look familiar, are you a branding manager for Von Dutch or are you the bass player from Kings of Leon?