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Top 50 Warm Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey, are you a potato?

    Because I wanna mash, add some milk then watch over you and keep you warm for hours

  2. Hey Babe, is there global warming... or is that just you?

  3. Oooo you've got a heat pump; does it keep things nice and warm inside?

  4. It's cold out. Why don't you come back to my bed and we can warm up?

  5. Hey babe, you’re the perfect person to keep me warm at Valley Forge.

  6. The whole country is frozen, but lookin at you I have a warm front coming.

  7. I was frozen in ice for decades... Want to help me warm up?

  8. How'd you like to go on a long romantic warm down and split the lane?

  9. It is warm in here? Cuz you make me hotter than taxpayer-subsidized solar panels.

  10. Girl, you don't need to warm up, you've been running through my mind all day.

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Funny warm pickup lines

What'll happen if this ridge of high pressure collides with your warm frontal system?

You're looking a little cold over there. Why don't you come close so i can warm you with my feverish body.

I'm experiencing a surge in global warming. In my pants.

I don't know what's hotter, you or Global Warming!

warm pickup line
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Do you want to do some finger warm ups?

Do you drive an SUV? Because you're warming my globes...

My beans are cold could you warm them up?

I don’t think you have to warm up, because you’re already looking hot.

Girl are you Hestia? Cause just the thought of you keeps me warm.

Wanna get together and warm my globes?

Are you global warming because you don't exist to me.

I may have Cold Hands sweetheart but I have a warm touch.

warm pickup line
Working Warm tinder opener

No need discover fire when your beauty make all warm.

I don't think you need to warm up, you're already hot.

Hi, I don't know you but you're awfully warm tonight.

I invented the Internet AND global warming.

Are you my blanket?

Because I feel warm and fuzzy whenever you're around me.

You're too beautiful to be real, just like global warming.

Are you a warm door handle in a burning building?

Because I'm nervous about going in, but it's worth it for a child.

If global warming is a myth...

...why do you keep getting hotter every time I look at you?

If you were any hotter...

...they'd blame you for global warming.

Your beauty warms and lights up these frozen surroundings.

The high today is going to be 23 degrees. But don't you worry, I'll keep you warm.