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Top 35 Wind Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Wind pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. If you were the wind, I'd want to be a kite

    That way you would blow me

  2. If I were to meet temari I would say did u just use a wind attack?

    Because it completely blew me away!

  3. If you believe in "wind power", this might require you getting your knees dirty.

  4. Your hair blows in the wind like the ruffling pages of an old book lying on a bed facing an open window.

  5. The blowing wind tonight, makes me wanna fly to you.

  6. Are you an Airbender? You take the wind right out of me.

  7. Damn girl! Are you the wind?

    Cuz you can blow me anytime

  8. Did you just whisper a sweet nothing or was that the gale-force winds? (New Hampshire)

  9. Hey girl, you remind me of this special little hill I always take my sled to

    Cuz I always wind up going down on it.

  10. Are you a wind turbine?

    Because you blow me away

wind pickup line
What is a Wind pickup line?

Funny wind pickup lines

Are you the wind?
Cause I want you to blow me.

Girl, if you and I magnetically coupled our windings, we could transform the world.

Girl, are you wind?

Because you blow me away.

You are but a cute little bird who forgot how to fly

Until then, let me be the wind under your wings

wind pickup line
This is a funny Wind pickup line!

Are you a pinky toe?

Because I know I’m going to wind up banging you on my kitchen table later.

Did you just rip out my wind pipe?
Cause you leave me speechless

You know why they call me the god(dess) of the wind?

It’s because I give people hard blows.

I'll wind your music box.

Wanna be the wind?

Do you wanna be the wind tonight? ‘Cause I’d like you to blow me; yup, that’s right!

Are you the wind?

'Cause I want you to blow me away

I like my men the way I like my wind turbines: tall, sturdy, and full of energy.

Baby are you the secondary winding to my transformer, I feel magnetically coupled to you.

wind pickup line
Working Wind tinder opener

Is your name Scarlett? Because when I saw you my heart was gone with the wind.

Does it frighten you that I control the winds, like a god? (Leaf Blower)

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.

Did you just whispher a sweet nothing or was that the gale-force winds? (New Hampshire)

You are the wind beneath my (Insert flying troop)'s wings.

I thought I was sucking wind in spin, but you really take my breath away.

Are we head-to-wind? Because I think I luff you…

I am a leaf on the wind... in bed

The Buddha said, "Men who are addicted to the passions are like the torch-carrier running against the wind; his hands are sure to be burned." I lust for you and love to play with fire.

I’ll put the wind in your sails if you raise my mast.

I'm gone with the wind fabulous and you're about to get twirled, baby!