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50 Heat Pick Up lines

Do you live in a hot climate or if you visit a place like Las Vegas, Miami, or Dubai? Use these heat pick up lines to help you flirt with the people you love or just meet. These hot pick up lines are perfect to help you get started.

Best Working Heat Pickup Lines

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  1. *Turn on her seat heating* She: "What are you doing?" You: "Just heating up my dinner."

  2. Oooo you've got a heat pump; does it keep things nice and warm inside?

  3. Baby I don't use chlorofluorocarbon, but I bet you and I can still turn up the heat.

  4. My heat vision must be malfunctioning because you’re smokin’.

  5. Is that a Little Thrush or simply a heat rash?

  6. Will you help me practice my heat conduction?

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Let's get into the heat of the moment.

I hope you don't mind heat, 'cause I've got a strong urge to get my flame on.

Baby, you must be an arcane fire mage because things heated up when you came in the room.

*walk up to them and tap their shoulder with a little boom sound effect*

Hi, i identify as a heat-seeking missile. I think I may of found the hottest thing in the room!

heat pickup line
Smooth Heat pickup line

Hey, if you're chilly my sunburn is radiating a lot of heat.

Oh, the heat! Doesn't summer know - you're all the sunshine I need!

Are you Azazel? Because you heat my body like noone else.

Cheesy heat Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Is the intense heat melting the skin from my body the result of nuclear fission...or is it just you.

I gave him my vision of heat? Because you are burning.

Ken: Come on, let's turn up the heat.

Are you microwave dinner? Because I will heat you up and eat you up.

We are like microwaves, because we will get heated in less than 1 minute.

You must be spicy food, because my mouth wants you but my heart cannot take the heat.

heat pickup line
Working Heat tinder opener

Ken: If you wanna fight fire with fire, you better bring the heat!

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Hey, if you can't take the desert heat, get out of your clothes.

Girl, are you spicy food? Because I feel the heat down there.

Sharing body heat with you is the best gift I have got this week.

Can you handle spicy food? Because your ass must handle my heat.

Uh oh, it's getting colder. We might need to share body heat.

Damn it! My water heater broke! You can put the heat in my shower!

How about I take you back to my place where we can get into a heated arguement about social security.

Babe, are you a toaster? I want to heat up my loaf inside you tonight.

Hey, are you heat?

Because I feel something rise every time I’m near you.

Old friend and I started talking again always loved her for a long time

Did you know when you bend a piece of metal the atoms in the metal release kinetic energy and the result is the metal heating up because the atoms are moving same as the body when it moves it releases kinetic energy. And when I talk to you, you bend my rigid heart back into shape and heats up everytime I talk to you

Your lips seem to be cold

Lemme heat them up with my lips for you

Are you a tectonic plate?

Cause I'd love to ram into you with force resulting in tremendous friction and heat.

A good heat Pickup Lines for Bumble

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Global warming obviously doesn't exist - YOU'RE the one heating up the place!

Since we're both cold, do you wanna create heat with body warmth or friction.

My shower kind of sucks it barely gets warm.

Can you jump in so we can heat things up a bit?

Are you called climate change?

Coz things are heating up in here

If I was a heat seeking missile

You’d be dead

Do you know why chefs are great lovers?
They know to how to heat the owen before they put the meat inside

Hey, do you like the hot or cold better?

Well, I like the heat better, although you probably already knew that since I'm talking to the hottest person here.

If i was a heat seeking missile you would be dead rn cos ur so hot

Yknow I hear the Coronavirus can be killed by heat..

You must be immune.

Baby, my drones aren't the only thing that have heat a seeking missile..

Want to help me do a good deed? Let's get in the sheets and save on heat.

Babe you a pyro, you heat me up.

Hey girl, are you a Spicy Dorito?

Cuz I wanna eat you then feel the heat ;)

Baby it's cold outside... We need to conserve body heat. In my sleeping bag.

I couldn’t help but come and talk to you. It must be the Heat of the Moment.

You like to eat Mexican?

Because you're heating up my taco

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Heat love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Heat chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.