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  1. Hey babe, are you up for some high energy quantum tunnelling tonight?

  2. Your renewable energy turns me on and keeps me going all night, how how’s that for efficiency?

  3. Let’s convert our potential energy dear into kinetic energy.

  4. Don't I know you from that green energy company that went bankrupt?

  5. My love for you is like a concave up function because it is always increasing. Let’s convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.

  6. I would ask u to dance but it uses too much energy!

  7. I'm like a solar panel absorbing your radiant sunshine energy.

  8. Are you an energy-based life form? Because you make me tingly.

  9. Love is a renewable energy.

  10. If I was an electron, I would be in a higher energy level. Because you got me excited.

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Hey, up for some high-energy quantum tunneling tonight sweetheart?

Hey baby, I’ll lower your kinetic energy.

Her eyes are bright as halogen lamps, energy-saving light of my life?

Old friend and I started talking again always loved her for a long time

Did you know when you bend a piece of metal the atoms in the metal release kinetic energy and the result is the metal heating up because the atoms are moving same as the body when it moves it releases kinetic energy. And when I talk to you, you bend my rigid heart back into shape and heats up everytime I talk to you

I like my women like I like my energy. Dirty.

Are you against energy conservation?

Then why do you turn me on for no reason.

Hey, up for some high-energy quantum tunnelling tonight? 

Hey girl do you want an energy drink?

Cause I wanna bang 🤪

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Pickup Line/Pun For A Brooklyn

If you can't come up with anything for a Brooklyn I'm sure a Brooke pun may work, since its probably a common nickname for her. Anything helps, my creative energy just seems drained.

What's the best lines to deal with this type of girl?

She's from Slovakia. I don't know if saying "I'm tired" is big in that country but this girl is even making ME tired. I'd quit the convo right away if she wasn't that hot. I even joked about how she's basically tired most of the time but after that, she would still say the word "tired". How to deal with a girl who acts this way? These are actual quotes from her:

- "So big pressure and stress from every side"

- "So tired.. aah.."

- "Someone save me from this world!!"

- "yeah exactly, ah.. here is similar weather hha.. I'm usually tired too.."

- "I don't have time in the morning..and I like riding bicycle downhill so I would be really tired to go to work after that..! usually ride thru weekends or after work.. according to if I want and have energy..lot of times I'm really tired (*Her english is not perfect*)

- "Sometimes I write fast and I'm tired so I make such a typo.. lol sorry for that ><"

- "I wake up at 5am. It's normal..I need to go to work"

Yo, Veggie, why don't you put all that energy to good use?

Does the house come with mitochondria? Because my power house is producing a lot of energy.

Are you as efficient with your hands as you are with your energy?

Don't worry, my energy levels never get low.

I bet we could maximize on that kinetic energy.

I bet your dual source of energy means you're up for a good time.

I can feel my energy security rising when I am with you.

I save so much energy with this car, I can put the leftover to good use.

You're so energy efficient.

Are you an iridium nuclear-energy cell/ hydrogen fuel cell? Because I can't live without you.

You are a photon quanta to my valence electron because you excite me to a higher energy level.

Are you a electrician? Because when you came in I felt a gilt of energy.

I am sorry I am stuck in work all day, but I will make it up to you tonight. I think you know what I mean. Rest up; you are going to need all your energy for later.