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Top 50 Financial Pick Up lines

Are you a money hungry guy or girl? See if you can pick up that hot girl or guy with these funny and cheesy financial related pick up lines. They feature common financial terms and themes such as investments, stocks, bonds, account, interest, and more. Add some spice to your romantic life with the hot guys or girls that you already have. Or pick up that new guy or girl that you have been eyeing!

  1. I'm not a financial expert

    But you're totally a future

  2. Baby, if you broke your leg and became a financially inviable investment, I'd never put you down.

  3. It's 12 basis points long actually. What's a basis point? Oh it's a financial measurement for inches.

  4. Hey girl my patronus is a financial statement.

  5. Hey baby, are you the Weimar Republic? Cuz, I’m about to financially cripple you.

  6. You are financially responsible for repairing the damage to my floor

    Because when I saw your pic my jaw went through the ground

  7. Wanna decentralize the financial system by creating a distributed ledger system that ensures contracts are executed?

  8. Hey girl are you the us healthcare system

    Because I'd like to get in you and have you been a financial burden for the rest of my life

  9. Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. I am DEBT FREE! Now I can afford you!

  10. Are you the financial capital of India?

    Cause you look like bomb bae (Bombay)!

financial pickup line
What is a Financial pickup line?

Working financial pickup lines

Call me your mutual fund, honey. Because with you, I'm showing interest.

Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?

Come into my office and let's take a look at your statements.

Did I tell you I'm filthy rich and my mother's dead?

financial pickup line
This is a funny Financial pickup line!

Do you have a bank account? You must! Im saving all my love for you.

Do you like to role play? I'll be the banking industry and you can play the American people.

Future projections put you at overweight but I'm still saying buy tonight

Girl you are so hot you are like my LBO MODEL

Girl, are you a stock? Because you sure like bouncing a lot!

Good thing I just bought term life insurance… because I saw you and my heart stopped!

Hey girl, would you be receptive to my takeover bid?

Hey there, can I WACC you off?

financial pickup line
Working Financial tinder opener

I have an emergency fund and I want to spend a little on you.

I hope I haven't given you the wrong impression. I'm actually taller and richer than I look.

I hope you're a bear, because I'm going to go down on you.

I just bought a bass boat with cash … and it's a good thing, because you're quite a catch!

I never co-sign anything. But I'd love to co-sign your marriage license.

I think you'll find the delta between myself and others to be significant

I want to restructure you

I would like to pay with cash upfront and take our relationship further and faster.

I'd like to get you and your friends together for a comparables analysis

I'll be your credit if you'll be my debit.

I'll reveal my preferences if you will.