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Top 50 Fire Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Fire pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Damn girl, are you a Core i5 2700k running battlefield 5 and full graphics?

    Cause your so hot your gonna start a fire

  2. Hey did you fire missiles at Gaza?

    Because your booty Israely thick

  3. Damn (gender of preference) are you a fire alarm?

    Because you’re really fucking loud and annoying.

  4. Girl, are you from the Amazon?

    Because you’re the full package. Just kidding, it’s because you are so hot, you’re on fire!

  5. Let's say we turn this lil spark we have here into a fire back at my place;

    I'll bring the wood

  6. Damn girl you are fire

    Cuz I never want you in my house

  7. There's an Arcade Fire ... In my pants.

  8. My love for you burns like Din's Fire.

  9. Are you catching fire? Because you make my heart melt.

  10. When I look into you’re eyes I get more lost then I did in the Fire Temple.

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Funny fire pickup lines

Are we in hell? Cause your touch is setting me on fire.

Are you the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Because you'll be firing my cannon later.

Damn gurl, you hotter than Din's Fire.

Are you sure your moth-like personality won't be drawn to this blazing fire that is myself?

fire pickup line
This is a funny Fire pickup line!

Can I take you home? You are hot as a ceiling fire!

Is fire starting still an attractive quality?

I must be R’hollor, because my hearts on fire for you sweetheart.

The fires of Mount Doom aren’t as hawt as you are.

Baby, come and light my sacred fire.

Are you a fire cracker?

Because something tells me you're going to explode in my hand!

(Happy 4th)

Damn girl, you must be Shyvana, cause you're on fire.

My love for you burns like a ceiling on fire.

fire pickup line
Working Fire tinder opener

Is that canon fire, or is it my heart pounding?

Are you a fire type, because you are hot!

Hi. I play harmonica in Arcade Fire. Wanna bang?

I always thought the source of hell's hotness was the fire. I was wrong, it's you.

Stop, drop, and roll, darling. You are on fire...

My bush is on fire, wanna cool it?

Order fire, two shots of tequilla and your phone number.

Say why don't we go back to my place and fire my undocumented nanny.

How would you like to experience a mac blast from the spirit of fire?

Are you a fire type? Your beauty set my heart ablaze.

You must be Sailor Mars, because you are on fire.