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29 Wizard Pick Up lines

Do you love playing Wizard or playing Wizard in a game like Wizard 101? Flirt with your loved one or pick up that new interesting girl or guy. Use these funny and clever Wizard themed pick up lines. They feature common game play mechanics and items such as spells, robes, tower, and more.

Best Working Wizard Pickup Lines

A good Wizard hook up lines and rizz that are sure to melt your crush's heart !

  1. Hey girl, I may not be in the k**...

    But I’m still a wizard under the sheets.

  2. I'd let you on my wizard tower.

  3. I always wanted to be a wizard.

  4. This level 3 Wizard has only one spell in his book - Tongues.

  5. No, I'm actually a wizard. Want to see my crystal balls?

  6. So you're a divination wizard? Tell me, is our wedding going to be in the summer or fall?

wizard pickup line
What is a good Wizard pickup line?

Here are 29 wizard pick up lines for her and flirty wizard rizz lines for guys. These are funny pick up lines that are smooth and cute, best working to start a chat at Tinder or Bumble and eleveate your wizard rizz. Impress the girls with cheesy and corny wizard pick-up lines, sweet love messages or a flirty wizard joke for a great chat response.

Short and cute wizard pickup lines to impress a girl

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I’m a renowned wizard, but I’ve never seen anything as magical as your smile.

I may not be a wizard, but I’ve got the magic fingers.

Babe, let me put on my robe and wizard hat.

I'm a s**... wizard, with 69th level s**... magic

wizard pickup line
Smooth Wizard pickup line

I may not be a wizard, but I’m still looking for a new staff.

Girl are you an alteration wizard because you're making me change in ways I've never felt before.

Are you also a wizard? Cause when I look at you everything else disappears"

Cheesy wizard Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Y'know, wizards are great at turning flesh to stone

If a Wizard was to ask me at what point in my life I'd like to return to

It would've been when We were happy together.

Hello, are you a wizard or witch?
Because you appear to be magical

Hey girl, are you a wizard?

'Cause I'd let you womp my willow

Are you a wizard

Because I'd let you cast a spell with my wand any day ;)

Boy are you a wizard?

Because I want to see your wand

Idk if repost

wizard pickup line
Working Wizard tinder opener

Are you the dark side of the moon?

Because I want to show you my wizard of oz and see what parts match up.

Corny wizard Love Messages to Start a Conversation at Tinder

Try using funny and charming Wizard conversation starters, sweet messages, love texts and comebacks for sticky moments in Tinder and chat.

I put on my robe and wizard hat…

Let's have a Tri-Wizard tournament Protect your 'wand' from 'hogwarts' when you enter the 'chamber of secrets'

I heard you were in Gryffin-w**..., because you let every wizard slyther-in.

A wizard is never premature. He finishes precisely when he means to.

Yes, I am indeed a wizard. Watch me make your clothes disappear!

I heard you're a Gryffinwhore (Why?) Because you let every wizard Slytherin!

Wizard: You know, my hat isn't the on ly thing that's pointed.

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Wizard love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Wizard chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.