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Top 50 Jewish Pick Up lines

Check out our collection of cool and highly effective Jewish rizz lines that are sure to make an impact! Impress the ladies with humorous and corny Jewish pick-up lines, conversations starters, and great comebacks when you're put on the spot and elevate your rizz.

  1. Why did King Solomon have 700 wives?

    Because he never met you.

  2. After getting lost for 40 years I've think I've finally found what I was looking for

  3. Are you Jewish

    Cause you Israeli hot

  4. Are you Jewish?

    Because you Israeli hot

  5. Are those matza balls in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  6. Do you want something to attone for on yom kippur?

jewish pickup line
What is a Jewish pickup line?

Working short jewish pickup lines to impress a girl

Knock Knock Who's there? Israel! Israel who? Do you wanna little Jewish in you, cause this d**... Israel. 

Will you let me put my candle near your l**... menorah?

Are you Jewish? Cause you Israeli hot! Are you from Iraq? Cause I'd love to see you Baghdad kiss up

My name is Dovid. But they call me Goliath. Wanna find out why?

jewish pickup line
This is a funny Jewish pickup line!

Are you Jewish?

Cuz you're a kippah

Are you jewish?
'Cause i'd like to have your number.

All I want for Chanukah is you.

jewish Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Are You Jewish?

Because I’m gonna put you in my oven then eat you up

Are you jewish?

Cuz you isreali hot

Are you jewish ?
Cause i wanna choke you

Are u bat mitzvahed, cuz I need a woman?

Do you want to make tonight different from all other nights?

Are you jewish?

Cuz ur on my head like a kippuh. (Can’t get the wording right but I know I got something here)

jewish pickup line
Working Jewish tinder opener

Are you Jewish?

Because you Israeli fine

jewish Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Are you Jewish?

Because you violated the 10 Commandments by stealing my heart

If I were Jewish.....

That would make you h**... , because I get gassed when I’m around you

Hey girl are you Jewish?

Cause you Israeli hot!

Can I put out your burning bush?

Can I put my knife between your lechem mishneh?

When is kippur? 'Cause I want you on your knees.

Don't worry I won't passover you.

Can this maccabee fit inside your canon?

Do you want to try my hebrew national hotdog?

Do you want something to atone for on yom kippur?

Did it hurt when you wrestled with Jacob (because you're an angel)!

Do you want to try for 9 crazy nights?

jewish Pickup Lines to Make Her Blush

Do you want to spin my dreidel?

Got any Jewish in you? Want some?

Can I light your manorah?

Can I go into you garden of Eden?

You had me at Shalom.

Can I dip my maror in your charoset.

Can I come into your massada?

Baby lets run away together, just Jew and Me.

Baby I'd nail you harder then we nailed Jesus to that cross.

Do you want to shake my luluv?

Are you the milk or the honey I was promised?

Dang girl, I'd like to bake my rugelach in your oven.

Are you the massiah, beacuse I've been waiting for you.

Do you wanna spin my dreidel?

Are you Jewish? Cause the way you're looking at me, I'm beginning to think Jewish I would kiss you.

Are you bar mitzvahed, cuz I need a woman?

Choose only well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Jewish phrases are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life. It is often awkward using smooth Jewish lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.