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  1. I hope you're not from Erudite, cause when I'm around you, I'm an idiot.

  2. Abnegations Rules aren’t the only thing that’s Stiff

  3. Am I really talking to you, or is it all a simulation?

  4. Are you a member of Abnegation? Because you're making me stiff.

  5. Are you a transfer? Because I’d like to initiate something with you.

  6. are you related to Uriah and Zeke? because i think youre pedRAD

  7. Are you the first jumper? Because I’d catch you anytime.

  8. Be brave, babe. Because I'm about to ask you out.

  9. Can I shoot a muffin off your head?

  10. Can I touch your TobiAss

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Claustrophobia's one of my fears, but I'd be in a tight space with you any time.

Dauntless cake isn’t the only thing I’ll be Eaton tonight

Dauntless Initiation isn’t the only thing that’s hard.

Did you just eat some Amity bread or are you just happy to see me?

Even though my dad beat me, I’m only whipped for you.

Fear isn’t the only thing that wakes Tris up

Hey are you from Erudite because I’d like to get to know you better.

How about a little FourPlay?

I almost always wish we were alone.

I am all 4 you.

I bet you taste better than Dauntless cake.

I have Four problems and you aren’t one.

I know a good way to shut a candor up.

I know it’s a bit candor… But lets fuck.

I like you so much I'd pass up a piece of Dauntless cake.

I may be Abnegation but I’m not plain everywhere

I may not be Erudite but my best subject is Chemistry

I may not have been the first jumper but I’ll be your first

I must be a Abnegation, because I will help you.

I thought I'd be Candor with you and tell you how much I like you.

I thought the Dauntless compound was your heart, so I fell in.

I will love you like Four loved Tris.

I'd choose you over my faction.

I'm not Dauntless, but I'm going to brave and tell you how beautiful you are.

I've got an aptitude for you.