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Top 50 Holding Pick Up lines

Do you have your eye on a cute girl or guy? Use these Holding Pick Up Lines to help you start the conversation. These pick up lines featuring holding include a variety of themes including cup, handle, door, blanket, and more!

  1. I can't hold a Conversation but...

    I'll hold your hand

  2. If your a candle wick and I’m the wax..

    Then I’m always melting when I’m close but I’ll be there to hold you up when you’re not feeling so hot.

  3. I’m a cop and you’re under arrest

    ...for being too cute. Put your hands where I can hold them

  4. You hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you

    Wow my first rewards

  5. Are you a deep conversation?

    Because I want to hold you for a good, long time.

  6. Hey your hand looks heavy,

    So can I hold it for you?

  7. Your hand looks super heavy..!

    Let me hold it for you

  8. Wait hold up, are you a bowling ball?

    Cause I wanna stick three fingers in u ;)

  9. Hey girl are you a barrier constructed, across a river, to hold back water and raise its level, forming a reservoir used to generate electricity or as a water supply?

    Because, dam....

  10. I am not very good at holding conversations...

    So can I hold your hands instead?

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What is a Holding pickup line?

Working holding pickup lines

I just wanna make you Scream of pleasure.. and then sleep with you holding your hands while i Whisper that i love you...
Like i usually do With me sister..

Is your hand heavy?

Cause I’ll hold for you.

What has 169 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?

My Zipper

If I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me? Because if you don't I'm going to die of hypothermia.

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This is a funny Holding pickup line!

If I said you had a great body triangle would you hold it against me?

If I had a star for every time you brightened my life, I'd be holding a galaxy.

You’re emo too?! Let’s hold each other and sob.

If I said you had a pale body would you hold it against me?

*Hits hand somewhere*

+ omg are you ok?

- yeah, just sucks that your not holding it

Baby, I'll hold all of the other girls off with my riot shield just so that I can be with you.

I'm the boot, you're the lace holding me together.

Can I get a large chicken breast, hold the breast?

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Working Holding tinder opener

Want to hold my shaft?

Would you like to hold my sonic screwdriver?

Will you hold my hand?

I wanna tell all my friends i’ve been touched by an angel

Wanna hold the priesthood?

I suck at holding conversations. can i hold your hand instead?

Do you like Wendy's

Then you'll like it Wendy's hands hold yours

You hold me until I recover my Y chromosome again.

Hi, my name is Jared. Believe it or not, right here in my pocket is the iron rod. Wanna hold to it?

I've got quick hands, a fast horse, and strong arms that can hold you tight all night long.

I am a hot lesbian, hold my hand.

My love for you is like explosive diarrhea

I just can’t hold it in