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Top 18 Taco Bell Pick Up lines

Use these Taco Bell inspired pick up lines to help you pick up chicks at the restaurant or while eating Taco Bell on the go. Some of these Taco Bell pick up lines are clean, some of them are dirty. Please note that some of these pick up lines may also work for other Mexican fast food restaurants like Chipotle, Qdoba, and Baja Fresh. Enjoy and have fun!

  1. Do you eat tacos? Because my Taco Bell is open.

  2. Like Taco Bell, I eat great regardless of how late I wake up.

  3. Do you eat tacos late? Because my Taco Bell is open.

  4. At Taco Bell, I cannot just think outside the bun. I want to be inside your bun.

  5. Girl, you can be my Taco Belle.

  6. Baby I am like Taco Bell, I'll spice your night!

  7. Hey girl, are you a taco bell?

    Because I really only ever hit you up after a few drinks.

  8. I don’t work at Taco Bell...

    But I’ll make your bowels move

  9. Do you like Taco Bell?

    Cause your kiss is on fire.

  10. You must be my leftover Taco Bell, cuz you’re gonna make me explode.

taco bell pickup line
What is a Taco Bell pickup line?

Working taco bell pickup lines

Hey girl, are you a Taco Bell?
Because I want to go in and out real quick

Do you work at Taco Bell?

Cause I’d pay $5 for your box.

Are you Taco Bell ?

Cuz you make my kiss burn for days ;)

Hey girl are you fast food?

Because yo quiero to ring your taco bell!

taco bell pickup line
This is a funny Taco Bell pickup line!

Do you eat tacos? (yes, why?) Because my Taco Bell is open

My name might not be Taco Bell, but I sure can spice up your night!

I'm celebrating Cinco de Mayo by puking tequila and gorditas on the side of a Taco Bell.