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Top 16 Africa Pick Up lines

Are you traveling to Africa or want to pick up guys or girls who are from Africa. Use these Africa related pick up lines to help you score and impress. These Africa related pick up lines feature common geographical features, animals, and races like the Maasai.

  1. Is that Africa in your pants?

    Cause I wanna visit Djibouti.

  2. Are you from Africa? Because I like Djibouti!

  3. Are you from Africa?

    Because you are A-frican babe

  4. Are you from Africa? Because I wanna know Kenya s**... this d**....

  5. Hey babe, is your middle name South Africa?

    Because mine is Lesotho and I want to be fully deep inside you.

  6. Are you food from africa?

    Because I don't see you very often
    but I savor you when I have you

africa pickup line
What is a Africa pickup line?

Working short africa pickup lines to impress a girl

I’d love to take you to East Africa, so I can grab Burundi-wear.

We don’t need to visit Northern Africa for me to Chad you up.

I may not be from Central Africa,

but I wouldn’t mind getting Gabon ya.

I know we’re not in Africa, but would you still like to be Mali-ding lady?

africa pickup line
This is a funny Africa pickup line!

Dayum, are you from West Africa?

Cuz I’d like you Togo out with me.

Are you from Africa?
Cause it’s gonna take me a lot to take me way from you!

What does the w in Africa stand for?


africa Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Are you Africa in the 1870s?

Cause all of Europe wants a piece of you.

Are you from Africa? (Why?) Because African (I fricken) love you!

Using smooth Africa phrases can work magic when trying to make a good impression. Try using funny and charming Africa conversation starters, chat starters, and comebacks for sticky moments.

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