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Top 50 Ghetto Pick Up lines

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  1. Baby these ain belly rolls, these succulent bundles of joy.

  2. Do I know you?

    Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend.

  3. Ay bitch your titties look good in that shirt.

  4. My pants might be in the wrong place but my heart is always in the right place.

  5. Damn girl, yo probably worth 10 food stamps, cuz you FINE!

  6. Baby, me love yuh suh much me'll buy your bleaching cream.

  7. Your lips taste like grape kool-aid.

  8. Yo gurl, I heard you're good at math... Cause your legs are always divided.

  9. Are your legs made of Nutella? Cause I would love to spread them!

  10. I usually don't ask a girl this question till she's pregnant. What's your name?

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Hey excuse me...I know you pregnant but when you drop that one off...ID LOVE to put another one in u.

Your like my happy meal, your one in a minion.

Baby, my love for you is like a copied assignment: I just can't explain it.

Girl, I wanna pop some caps with you till da hood do us part.

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Yo father must be a drug dealer, cuz you dope!

Ohh I was wondering... Can I have yo' numba?

Hey baby, are you looking for affordable housing? Cuz I've got an opening on Boner Street!

Girl i get foodstamps and a welfare check, so what's up?

Do you like Pizza? Cuz I want a pizza dat ass!

Hey do you have an inhaler? Cause you got dat ass ma!

Girl I will make you the best single mother ever.

Are you from the ghetto? Cause I'm about to ghetto hold of dat ass.

ghetto pickup line
Working Ghetto tinder opener

Yo name must be Maxwell House cause baby yo ass is good til the last drop.

Baby, you thicker than the bible... and I wanna read all yo pages!

Girl you like Kool-Aid in a wine glass with cha fine ass!

I'm gonna call heaven and tell 'em that an angel is missing, but I'm kinda hoping that you're a slut.

Who’s ya hair dresser? Tell her I apologize for messing up her work!

Damn girl, I'm gonna have to put you on my "To Do" List!

Aye girl let me put my direct in yo deposit!

Don’t worry about me baby... I'm just gettin’ some measurements, cuz I'm about to lay some pipe!

Is that a cell phone in yo pocket? Cuz dat ass is callin’ me!

Are your parents beavers? Cuz DAMMMMMMMM!

Hey do you have an inhaler? Cuz you got ass ma!