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Top 43 Animal Crossing Pick Up lines

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  1. Even if it means risking my existence, I'll cross different world lines just to find you.

  2. Do you believe in cross-breding?

  3. I believe you possess the only fruit i lack in my town : the banana

  4. Your town may be full of peaches

    but we all know where the best one is.

  5. I'd love you even if you wore a Bow Wig.

  6. It's Gracie's fashion check time

    The theme is "nothing"

  7. You're Worth 10 billion IGB bby

  8. Is your name Kapp'n?

    Because you sing like an angel

  9. Why do you keep sending me pictures of yourself with your number as a caption.

  10. When I see you, I kinda get this feeling.

    The same feeling Isabelle gives me when she says I can't freaking put my pwp where I want.

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Funny animal crossing pickup lines

Did Cyrus do some work on you?

Because you have a heart of GOLD.

You're kind of like a scorpion.

I always hope to see you, but I'm always hurt when you appear.

Are you Cyrus?

Because you just customised my heart.

I'm surprised that you don't have Jacob's ladders growing all over you,

because you are P E R F E C T.

I used to be a black rose, but then you made me gold again.

When you come to my town, it's like the Beautiful Town Ordinance enacts itself!

Wanna have a look in my Nooks'?

Are you a stringfish?

Cause I'm all tangled up in your chords.

You're sweeter than a Sweetfish.

You're like a butterfly.

All of my villagers want you.

My foot isn't the only part of me that's lucky, mon chou...

Hey, are you a beehive?

Cause when I shook that tree, you fell from the sky and pierced to my heart.

Your perfect peach is the only one I see.

Your like a Teir One villager: everyone wants you.

If you were a coffee from Brewster's

I'd never let you cool off!

Are you an unassessed fossil?

Because I'm identifying you tonight, babe.

I won't mind if you run down my grass all day darling.

Is your name Reese cause dat azz got me looking twice.

You're like a dreamie in a cycle town.

I'd stalk you.

Is that an eel in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

You're like my dreamies.

I'll talk to you every day and turn back time to save you.

Is your name Merengue?

Cause I wanna lick that nose.

You remind me of a gyroid

You make a lot of noise and you're dead inside

Are you a foreign DLC?

Cause I've been lookin for you all my life.

Hey gurl, are you a gyroid?

Cause you sure know how to move those hips.