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Top 45 Bill Pick Up lines

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  1. Hi! I make more money than Bill Gates.

  2. My name is Gates. Bill Gates. Care for some cream pie?

  3. Feeling like a million dollars is overrated, you could feel a billion dollars tonight.

  4. I've got a floppy that needs to be upgraded to a hard drive.

  5. You don’t need a car to drive me crazy, restrictive abortion bills already do that.

  6. Girl the only thing bigger than my hard drive is my sex drive.

  7. Knock knock! Who's there? Bill Cosby.

    Bill Cosby who? Never mind, I'll come back when you're asleep, soon.

  8. Hey baby, I wanna Ctl+Alt+Del your virginity.

  9. How 'bout I install my Trojan in you?

  10. Aint nothing Micro or soft about me baby.

bill pickup line
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Funny bill pickup lines

Girl, let me be the Bill Clinton to your Monica Lewinsky.

Hey baby, lets open some windows, my system is getting too hot.

Baby it's hot in here... Open some Windows...

Hey babe, I bet my joystick is compatible with your game port.

bill pickup line
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Everything about you makes me want to fuck you, you have a job, pay your bills, AND have healthcare.

I'm Bill Gates, come have sex with my body.

Hey baby. I'm running a new OS, it's called Windows XPenis.

Hello, my name is Bill Clinton.

Haven't I downloaded naked pictures of you before?

I've been searching for a queen, and you fit the bill.

I control the internet -- want to surf me?

Are you Bill Gate's vaccine?

Because I wanna put a micro in you.

bill pickup line
Working Bill tinder opener

Hey baby...want to see my Hard Drive?

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

But I will have them with you!

Better to be hard, then floppy.

Are you a Declaration of Independence?

Cuz I want to put my bill of rights all over your constitution.

Care to let me pass a bill through your chamber?

Hey there baby...

I could have your whole family deported. (As used by Bill Clinton)

Hey girl are you Bill Gates?

Cause you make my micro soft

I'd like to install a program in you. It's called baby.exe.

Anyone ever say you remind them of a desk stuffed with miscellaneous paperwork and a hundred dollar bill that they have a faint memory of storing away years ago?

Because I want to rifle through your drawers.

Ya know, you must have really great bandwidth. What are you doing later?

Are you bill gates? Because whenever I look at you my micro ain’t soft anymore

If that makes sense probably not