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Top 40 Closer Pick Up lines

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  1. Come over here

    (she walks closer) I just made you come with my voice, guess what I can with my hands.

  2. I'll issue us a bond with equity warrants. It'll bring us closer and you can own all of me.

  3. I'd love to be Saturn

    So I could be closer to Uranus

  4. Baby, your beauty is like an Enderman.

    I can't make eye contact, but I want you to come closer.

  5. Girl, you must be an asymptote, because I find myself getting closer and closer to you.

  6. Take off your shirt, I want to be closer to your heart.

  7. Stand a little closer, baby, and I'll bring palpitations to your liver.

  8. e should eliminate the barriers between us and have an ever closer union.

  9. Are you a singularity? Not only are you attractive, but the closer I get to you, the faster time seems to slip by.

  10. Baby, bring your lips closer cause I can't read them.

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Your undressing of this issue has raised certain developments... now please come closer to the microphone.

My favourite attractive force is van del Waals' force. Can you feel it? I'll sit closer if you can't.

You like my weapon? Come on over for a closer inspection!

You're all I think about during the day. I just want to kern you closer at night.

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I believe in an ever closer union. Do you?

I think we should move to ever closer union.

Are you a campfire?

Because whenever I want to feel warm, I just get closer to you

Are we 3rd connections on LinkedIn? I think we should get a little closer.

You know you twist your little girl. You know you twist so fine. Come on and twist a little closer, now. And let me know that you're mine

If i were a function, you would be my asymptote

I get closer and closer to you but we never touch.

I might need you to take a closer look at these briefs.

Hey cutie ur on my radar

Cause every time u get closer, i go bing

closer pickup line
Working Closer tinder opener


Just trying to get closer with a friend

I'm trying to petition the government to remove the letters j thru t.

Im want to get i and u closer together.

The perfect line for anyone named Annie

“I stole some razors and shaved so I can be that tiny bit closer to you.”

*awkward silence*

“Annie, are you ok? You’ve been hit on by a smooth criminal.”

Wanna get closer than 6 feet

Damn baby are you a magnet

Because you pull me closer! lol

Girl, you make so hard you better take a step back

One inch closer and you'd've already been pregnant

Are you a black hole?

Because attraction grows and time distorts the closer I get to you.

Small boobs just means I can get closer to your heart.

Just kidding. Huge tits or GTFO.

It’s really cold in here...

*takes a step forward* Sorry, I’m just trying to get closer to something hot.

Just like Bono, I want to push you closer and closer to The Edge.

Girl, come a bit closer. Look in my eyes. Searching is so wrong. I'm Mr. Right.