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  1. Tinder Match with a dead convo

    A girl and i had some pretty good banter going on but we were far away any recommendations to get it going again?

  2. I have this account based on god on tinder.

    Suggest me something witty to answer to "forgive me lord, for I have sinned." this is the most common way my matches seem to start a convo

  3. What's the best lines to deal with this type of girl?

    She's from Slovakia. I don't know if saying "I'm tired" is big in that country but this girl is even making ME tired. I'd quit the convo right away if she wasn't that hot. I even joked about how she's basically tired most of the time but after that, she would still say the word "tired". How to deal with a girl who acts this way? These are actual quotes from her:

    - "So big pressure and stress from every side"

    - "So tired.. aah.."

    - "Someone save me from this world!!"

    - "yeah exactly, ah.. here is similar weather hha.. I'm usually tired too.."

    - "I don't have time in the morning..and I like riding bicycle downhill so I would be really tired to go to work after that..! usually ride thru weekends or after work.. according to if I want and have energy..lot of times I'm really tired (*Her english is not perfect*)

    - "Sometimes I write fast and I'm tired so I make such a typo.. lol sorry for that ><"

    - "I wake up at 5am. It's normal..I need to go to work"

  4. Roses are red, Violets are blue

    I’m sorry that I made this really awkward, I just want to have a convo with you

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