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Top 21 oxygen Pick Up lines

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  1. The earth’s atmosphere is 21% oxygen

    And you still take my breath away

  2. If i'm an Oxygen, can you be my Magnesium?

  3. My lungs store oxygen; share

  4. Are you a hydrogen atom?

    Because you are forming strong bonds with me when you take my Oxygen.

    Girl used this on me when she found out I loved chemistry and we kissed 10 minutes later.

  5. Can I share your oxygen tank? Because you took my breath away.

  6. So...anyone want to share oxygen with me?

  7. Can I carry your oxygen tank for you?

  8. I should have brought my oxygen tank because you take my breath away.

  9. You must be red blood cell, cause you take the oxygen away from my lungs and straight to my heart.

  10. Are you oxygen?

    Because I desperately need you to survive.

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Are you oxygen?
Because you’re the most important thing in my life.

Can you make a Pulp Fiction related pickup line?

The best one wins a life time supply of oxygen

Hey girl, are you the Amazon

Cuz youre 20% of my oxygen

I should have packed an extra tank of oxygen

Because you took my breath away (stole this from r/wholesomememes)

Hey girl, do you have an oxygen mask?

Because you just took my breath away

Are you a red blood cell?

Because you take the oxygen straight from my lungs and into my heart

Boy, are you Nazi?
Cause I was expecting you to cut out my oxygen supply and choke me to death.

My cataclytic converter is going bad. Can you replace it with a test pipe and a new oxygen sensor?

Hi does your body consist of Oxygen and Neon?, because you are the ONe. 

If you were oxygen, I would be an alkali metal so i could get in you and explode!

You breathe oxygen? We have so much in common.