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Top 12 Repost Pick Up lines

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  1. This sub has gone somewhat bad

    The majority of these pickup lines are reposts and if you know you can actually look up if it has been used on the sub. It would be nice for some original content but I know there is og content on here.

  2. Hey girl, are you a repost?

    Cause I think I have seen you here before.

  3. Role play, I’ll be the chicken, you’ll be the egg and let’s see who comes first

    Idk if this is a repost, it just hit me tbh

  4. Hey Girl, you made my whole week, now let me make you hole weak.

    Not a repost, just delete the other one because of a typo

  5. I don’t wanna be a narcissist, but I must be a 9/10

    Because you’re the one (1) I need :)

    Edit: personally never heard this one but if it seems like a repost (I wouldn’t be surprised cause it sounds like something that would be common) sorry in advance

    Edit 2, a better version based on a comment: Girl, ur a 9/10 bc I’m the 1 u need :)

  6. Not sure if repost, but...

    Girl do you have a name? Or can I just call you mine?

  7. I like my women like I like my wine

    Ten years old and in the basement

    This is a repost in my original post I put coffee

  8. Are you a tumour

    Because you're always on my mind(don't know if this is a repost or not but I just thought of it)

  9. Boy are you a wizard?

    Because I want to see your wand

    Idk if repost

  10. Hey girl are you a protester in the road? Coz I’m trying hit.

    Hope it’s not a repost

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Funny repost pickup lines

Damn girl, are you asthma?
Because you're taking my breath away.

(Sorry if it's a repost)

Roses are red grass in greener

When I think of you I play with my wiener idk if this is a repost